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Honor Diaries


Honor Diaries screening hosted by the Henry Jackson Society in the name of women’s rights.

honor diaries

This Monday 21 July, the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based human rights think-tank, invites you to attend a drinks reception and film screening of Honor Diaries, an award-winning independent film about honour-based violence against women.

Girls in many communities around the world are brought up to believe that their purpose in life is to uphold the honour of the family and, if they bring dishonour instead, they will likely pay the price with their lives. As a result, thousands of girls living in the UK are living in fear of honour-based violence, and countless have been murdered in the name of honour by their own families.

Not enough people are speaking out in defence of victims of honour-based violence, and culture is often used as an excuse for abuse. Honor Diaries features nine leading

international women’s rights activists brought together to have a much-needed open and frank discussion about the concept of honour and why it lies at the heart of violence against millions of women around the world.

Following the screening, Henry Jackson Society research fellow Emily Dyer will chair a panel discussion with three activists, two of whom feature prominently in the film: Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, co-founder of Karma Nirvana and human rights activist Raheel Raza, as well as Diana Nammi, director of the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO).

Held at Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Westminster, on Monday 21July from 6.00pm. Purchase a ticket here:




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