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July events

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July events


Best art exhibitions in July.

It’s Time for a Grand Housewarming

Work & Play Behind the Iron Curtain
Grad London

Design in the Soviet Union is a relatively under-explored genre. The Gallery for Russian Arts and Design will showcase an unusual 50-piece collection of quirky objects from Russia in the ’50s and ’60s. Expect to find hauntingly jolly Nevalyashka Dolls (pictured) and posters expounding urban reforms, in addition to quotidien household items such as fridges, vacuum cleaners and gramophones.
20 June to 24 August

Guerrilla Girls

Disobedient Objects

What do textiles from Chile have in common with a graffiti-writing robot? According to the V&A, both are physical manifestations of political activism. From the ’70s to present day, the museum’s latest design-led exhibition explores artifacts made by amateurs in reaction to unfolding social events – redefining standard concepts of art and design.
26 July to 1 February

silent exchange

Silent Exchange
National Theatre

Thanks to the National Theatre, there’s no need to leave London to behold nature’s bounty. Charlie Waite is exhibiting 50 photographs of the lushest landscapes out there. Waite’s knack for striking up an unspoken dialogue between the viewer and the landscape, through his considered use of light, composition and colour, has made him one of the world’s most celebrated landscape photographers.
23 June to 20 September

the Fireworks

As exciting as we can make it: Ikon in the 1980s
Ikon, Birmingham

As the gallery celebrates its 50th year, Ikon looks back at the rise of Postmodernism in the 1980s through painting, sculpture, installation and film, displayed at the gallery across the decade. Oppenheim’s Vibrating Forest installation will return alongside Hiller’s Monument – a park bench, audio recording and photography amalgamation.
2 July to 31 August


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