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SPA GUIDE – Call in the Specials

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SPA GUIDE – Call in the Specials


Finding it hard to conceive or pole-axed by sleep deprivation? Check into a spa that deals directly with the issue at hand.


Simply Healing Detox Retreat

West Sussex, UK

Hidden away down the windy lanes of West Sussex, this country-house retreat makes a welcome alternative to those who want to escape the sterility of medical institutions and focus on some serious ‘me time’. The interiors are as you might expect to find in a 19th-century manor house; wooden floors, high ceilings and lavish chandeliers, welcoming log fires and flickering candles; not to mention ten cosy and luxurious bedrooms. And this is exactly what you want when you embark on this intense juice detox programme that has been specially designed by owner Vivien Kay to help boost natural fertility and to clean up the body before undertaking assisted conception. This original detox retreat opened in 2000 and can vouch for helping numerous couples achieve their fertility goals. In addition to freshly squeezed juice and warming soups, the tailor-made programme also features a host of award-winning treatments, from the powerful colonic hydrotherapy, reflexology, abdominal sacral massages and Indian head and shoulder massages to ‘mind, body and spirit treatments’, such as hypnotherapy and naturopathic nutrition. Each treatment is personalised to your needs. It’s all about you. It’s the most nurturing space in the area by a mile (or ten). It’s well hidden, so peace and long country walks are not difficult to find – plus there are two gadget-free living rooms for you to enjoy if you want to waste a few hours wrapped up in a blanket, immersed in a good book. It’s certainly set up so you don’t want to leave.

DON’T MISS The healing with magical owner Vivien, who is renowned for her healing and soothing hands. After just 20 minutes on the couch you’ll instantly feel the benefits, inside and out.

BOOK IT The Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan starts from £1,615 per person and includes five nights’ stay, freshly prepared juices and soups, colonic hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy, nutrition consultation and a selection of treatments tailored to your needs.

01403 822117;


Lefay Resort

Lake Garda, Italy

Privately owned by the Leali family, this is an unashamedly luxurious yet impressively eco-sustainable retreat for those who like to look beyond mere pampering and come away mentally and physically re-aligned and re-energised. The Sleep Programme, in the white marble chapel of a spa, is closely in tune with classical Chinese Medicine and Qui Gong classes come highly recommended. Start with a consultation with Doctor Corradin who will, no doubt, recommend a lighter view of life, combined with incredibly effective massages to nourish one’s yin and yang and moxibustion, a needle-free acupuncture technique using fragrant herbs burnt over pressure points. He’s hot on bespoke herbal tea too. Besides the allure of the salt water infinity pools, there’s an ‘energy’ walk with meditation rests deep amongst the woods and tumbling streams. Best of you, you will – and should – sleep deep.

DON’T MISS The heated underground salt-water mini lake for weightless floating before relaxing on cloud-shaped salt benches.

BOOK IT  The five-day sleep programme costs £1,544.

+39 0365 241 800;


Clinique la Prairie

Montreaux, Switzerland

Anti-ageing treatments may well have been invented here when Dr Paul Niehans first hit on the idea of using embryonic sheep cells to strengthen the immune system, speed up body repair and slow down the ageing process. Once injected, now CLP (Clinique La Prairie) Extract can simply be swallowed. Clinic by name and clinic by nature, CLP offers everything from a menopausal unit to surgical units which can mend broken bones, tighten your vagina or give you a new face. They have also now developed a new skincare system with Swiss Perfection, which uses state-of-the-art research into anti-ageing and cell repair.

DON’T MISS  The rejuvenating facial – cleansing, massage, nourishing.

BOOK IT A new taster weekend has been introduced, including treatments, from approx. £520pp.

+ 41 21 989 3311;


Grand Park Hotel Health & Spa

Bad Hofgastein, Austria

The Gastein valley is not just one of the most extensive ski areas in Europe but it is also home to a vast number of thermal spas and the extraordinary healing caves. Deep in the Radhausberg mountains these caves house radioactive radon gas which is used to treat a number of medical conditions from respiratory disorders to sports injuries, as well as various skin conditions. This radon therapy is accepted by the medical profession throughout Germany and Austria (it is even available on health insurance) and attracts thousands each year. Back at the hotel there are hay baths, Chinese massage, thermals baths, massages and lectures and, best of all, the clear mountain air.

DON’T MISS  A Tui Na massage, one of the great pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine and – despite the deep reaching effects – you get to keep your clothes on!

BOOK IT  A seven night healing programme costs from €1,333.

+ 43 6432 63560;


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