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12 Hay Hill

The private members’ club for business

Set in an imposing, six-storey building in the heart of Mayfair, 12 Hay Hill has pioneered ‘club-working’ as a modern way to do business.


Conceived as a private members’ club for business, 12 Hay Hill is the first to provide professionals with five-star service and a high-specification curated environment in which to meet, entertain, base their enterprise and conduct business. In an age where technology is increasingly blurring the line between work and home-life, 12 Hay Hill modernises the very British concept of the private members’ club as a hive of professional activity and leisure.


While many other modern clubs shun business activity, 12 Hay Hill’s Director Stephanos Issaias explains that club-working offers the exclusivity, leisure space and social networking of the private City clubs of old, combined with an unashamedly work-friendly environment. It’s this combination that makes 12 Hay Hill unique.

Club-working offers the exclusivity, leisure space and social networking of the private City clubs of old, combined with an unashamedly work-friendly environment

12 Hay Hill

12 Hay Hill is internationally focused in both its membership and outlook and has had an exciting year of development. Its fast-growing membership comprises a diverse community of business leaders, influencers and innovators, across multiple industries and disciplines.


From finance to fashion, the club prides itself on being a hub of inspiration where ideas are born and nurtured, deals are signed and business flourishes.


Members speak approvingly of 12 Hay Hill as a place where they are able to work, meet and impress clients seamlessly. The club’s restaurant offers delicious seasonal menus throughout the day, while the basement bar provides the perfect place to unwind with friends and colleagues. 12 Hay Hill now also boasts a fabulous roof terrace, with views overlooking Berkeley Square, which members can enjoy year-round.


Nine meeting rooms offer private areas for board meetings, confidential conversations or private dining for members. Each has a distinct style, allowing members to choose the perfect environment to suit any client.

Art connoisseurs will appreciate that the club curate’s an ever- changing backdrop of spectacular artwork, most of which is for sale, and not just to admire. Events for members feature some of Britain’s finest minds and range from lively discussions by business leaders, to insights from leading brands on cultural, political and industrial developments.

One particular highlight of the club’s annual calendar 
is the 12 Hay Hill Davos Debrief, created in partnership with the Financial Times. The Debrief provides members and guests with thought provoking content from leading experts, politicians and celebrated Financial Times journalists straight from the summit itself.

It’s not all business though, as the team at 12 Hay Hill also runs a series of social events from wine and spirit masterclasses through to regular supper and cigar clubs – all of which are carefully curated for members with an interest in fine quality and unique experiences.

Due to the increase in demand for membership both locally and overseas, Issaias is looking at plans to take the pioneering concept
 of 12 Hay Hill’s ‘club-working’
 to other parts of the world, with sister clubs being considered
 in Continental Europe, the US, Middle East, China and Singapore.

12 Hay Hill