12 Hay Hill
Club-working: doing business in a post-pandemic world

Set in an imposing, six-storey building at the heart of the most coveted postcode in Britain, 12 Hay Hill has conceived and pioneered the concept of ‘club-working’ as a modern way to do business.

It is the first members’ club to provide businesspeople with five-star service and a high-specification, curated environment in which to meet, entertain, conduct business and even base their entire enterprise. As technology continues blurring the boundary between work and home life, 12 Hay Hill goes way beyond the usual very British concept of the private members’ club as a destination for leisure.

From finance to fashion, 12 Hay Hill prides itself on being a hub of inspiration, a comfortable and flexible environment in which businesses flourish

While other members clubs may shun business activity, 12 Hay Hill’s director Stephanos Issaias explains that club-working offers the exclusivity, leisure space and social networking of the City clubs of old and combines these with an unashamedly work-friendly environment. It’s this that makes 12 Hay Hill so different.

12 Hay Hill has grown and evolved with the challenges presented by Covid-19, moving its focus towards safety and continuity for members and their businesses. By undertaking this responsibility themselves, they have taken the onus away from their members and residents, allowing them to focus solely on the operation of their businesses.

The Covid -19 pandemic has driven a desire for people to have more business flexibility, especially in London, with the freedom to work remotely in an environment that suits their needs, and that is exactly what the 12 Hay Hill concept of club-working offers.

12 Hay Hill has proved popular with London’s business elite and the club’s fast-growing membership comprises a diverse community of industry leaders, influencers and innovators. With foreign travel being affected in 2020, the club has also seen a surge in international members, who are giving up their larger London offices in favour of a flexible workplace.

Members speak approvingly of 12 Hay Hill as a place where they can work, meet and impress seamlessly – the club’s restaurant offers fine dining, whilst their opulent bar provides the perfect place to unwind with friends and colleagues alike.

The club also curates an ever-changing backdrop of spectacular artwork from well-known artists such as Salvador Dalí, to some of the artworlds most prestigious emerging newcomers. There are nine meeting rooms, each with a distinct style, so members can choose the ideal environment for board meetings, confidential conversations or private dining. Facilities are constantly being updated and augmented, such as the beautiful roof terrace overlooking Berkeley Square which launched last year.

The popular events for members feature some of Britain’s finest thought leaders and range from talks by business leaders and politicians to insights from leading brands and lively discussion of cultural or business trends. Because of social distancing measures, necessity has meant that these have gravitated online, but the club hopes to bring back physical events in 2021. From finance to fashion, the club prides itself on being a hub of inspiration, a central, comfortable and flexible environment in which great ideas are born and nurtured, deals are signed, and businesses flourish.