1508 London

1508 London

International interior design and architecture studio

Founded in 2009, 1508 London
is a multidisciplinary design and architecture practice of high ambition and global reach. ‘1508’ refers to the year in which Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to decorate the Sistine Chapel. The resulting frescoes represent for many people the zenith of artistic perfection, an extraordinary achievement alluded to in the perfect circle which appears in the practice’s logo.


The practice is headed by Stuart Horwood and Hamish Brown with their management team, the creative impetus being provided
by the five Design Directors. It employs over 80 staff who between them speak more than 20 languages. This diversity reflects both the reach of 1508 London’s international practice and the importance of London as a centre of creative talent.

1508 London prides itself on its collaborative approach to all its projects, one that challenges conventional thinking

A rebellion against classical principles and Gothic infliuences, we have created a new eclectic aesthetic

1508 London prides itself on its collaborative approach to all its projects, one that challenges conventional thinking. The practice does not have a single creative direction; unlike many 
of its rivals, it doesn’t have a signature style.
 For 1508 London, the project is the celebrity, not the designer. The character of each project – its history, its surroundings, its prospective use – always determines the design. The practice’s designers use the word ‘incomparable’ to describe their work – incomparable in the sense that it is not open to comparison with other schemes.


Internationally, 1508 London is thriving with projects on the go in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and, most recently, the United States.


The most successful transitions in design are those which enhance how people live, play and work, with 1508 London’s extensive experience in residential design significantly influencing its move into hospitality.


The domestic political situation may have given rise to some uncertainty in the London property market but that has not prevented 1508 London participating in the capital’s highest-profile developments. Chief among these is the renaissance of Chelsea Barracks, a 13-acre site in the heart of London. The former barracks were demolished – the chapel is
 the sole survivor of the old military establishment – so the whole development has been built from scratch combining town houses
and penthouse apartments with retail and other space, in traditional and modern idioms. 1508 London is proud to have been involved in all of the first four phases.


1508 London is also engaged in the rebuilding The Old War Office, Whitehall. This extraordinary project involves the complete refurbishment of this grade I-listed building from which Churchill conducted the Second World War. The practice is redeveloping the former Canadian High Commission at No. 1 Grosvenor Square into what its developers are calling ‘the world’s most desirable address’.


Early in 2019, it opened an office in Dubai with one in Hong Kong to follow soon. The practice is particularly proud to be working with some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious hotels groups, including Mandarin-Oriental, InterContinental, Jumeirah, Rosewood and Park Hyatt. This work evolved naturally as the traditional boundaries between residential and hospitality design have become blurred.