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Celebrating 240 years of discovery and bespoke artisanal excellence

For those long-standing clientele, who loyally and continually return to the brand for classic designs to celebrate those milestone occasions in life, Asprey is a brand of continuity. However the true spirit of the house lies in discovery. Under the patronage of every reigning monarch since 1862, the brand has famously travelled the world to source new treasures and discover the most exceptional artists and artisans.


Asprey’s Chairman, John Rigas, recently launched the art initiative, de Pury @ Asprey, a natural evolution of the creative, pioneering and imaginative spirit which underpins the foundations of the house. A series of rolling exhibitions will continue indefinitely in the New Bond Street Private Rooms, enabling Asprey to welcome a new audience to the flagship store to discover the works of exceptional artists alongside Asprey’s own collections, such as the best-selling Four Seasons Vase collection, in which each piece is numbered and signed by the artist to Asprey’s exclusive design.


It is also excited to continue an ongoing collaboration with HRH Prince of Wales’ charity, Turquoise Mountain – which invests in urban regeneration and craft-related projects in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Jordan – and a partnership with the Goldsmiths Hall, supporting the work of artisans and craft.

The true expertise, authenticity and tongue- in-cheek humour of the house still abound today, as they did many generations ago


Along with other luxury retailers in the market, Asprey sees that the biggest challenges within the luxury sector will be adjusting to a new climate surrounding the outcomes of Brexit. However, it is excited about and open to the opportunities that lie ahead, reacting to new potential trade agreements while supporting its international clients with an ever more tailored service.


Asprey also continues to widen its global presence with new initiatives including the launch of a Japanese language version of its website and other international plans. This year and going forwards, Asprey is celebrating its ability to evolve continually and move with the times, while maintaining superior craftsmanship across its extensive ranges of beautiful products. In 2021, the brand will be celebrating its 240th anniversary, which brings many challenges and opportunities and gives all the more reason to remain relevant to today’s market.


The true expertise, authenticity and tongue-in-cheek humour of the house still abound today, as they did many generations ago. Modern interpretations of classic barware designs, especially those designed in the thriving 1920s, have been incredibly popular.

So have the unique designs, such as the fully functioning animal-shaped safes and decanters in sterling silver, all made in Asprey’s workshops above the flagship store. Asprey, with its heritage, rarity of product and brand exclusivity, is always associated with celebration.

It goes out of its way to connect clients with the finest products and experiences, allowing them to work directly with designers and to monitor closely the progress of their designs as they come to life in the workshop.

This also extends to making things happen, where possible, in the shortest of time frames or to most challenging design briefs. The brand is centred around its clients, continuing to offer unrivalled bespoke services and ever maintaining the house motto – ‘It can be done.’

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