Founded in 2012 as a joint venture between a Middle Eastern family office and the Sunley Group, Bold & Reeves is a high-end specialist property management company offering customers convenience, peace of mind and great value. 

The philosophy behind the company is simple – your home is your haven in a busy city. It should be a place of calm, comfort and contentment, where you’re free to relax, free to spend time with your family and friends and especially free from any problems with maintenance and repairs. Bold & Reeves’s approach to managing property means that it shoulders and solves all home maintenance problems.

The service is bespoke, proactive, carefully planned, meticulously managed and expertly delivered to enhance the value of homes and the working life of everything within it.

Clients need only ever make one phone call and their personal property manager will plan, organise and oversee every aspect of the service and deal with all expert tradespeople. Clients are provided with a property maintenance logbook, which records all activities undertaken, and provides valuable continuity enabling customers to see, check and change their schedule for complete confidence and control.

Commenting on this aspect of the service, Bold & Reeves’s managing director Bill Shipton observes, ‘We all service our cars regularly to avoid the cost and inconvenience of breaking down. In exactly the same way, we enable customers to look after their properties, probably their single most valuable asset. And with the rise in property taxes resulting in more people improving rather than moving, our service adds value to properties, by being better maintained, for when you do come to sell.’

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At the heart of Bold & Reeves’s success is the concept of its electronic property management logbook, reduced outgoings on reactive on-demand/as required repairs, direct access to the company’s closely vetted specialist partner supplier network offering discounted wholesale rates and a demonstrable record of risk management for insurance benefits.

The Bold & Reeves service is flexible to whatever level of support you require, covering everything from maintaining to repairing right through to just providing access to the company’s expert tradespeople.

Bold & Reeves operates its exclusive services in Central London’s most high-end districts for clients who include homeowners, investment landlords, leaseholders of super
prime apartments and residential developers.

Bold & Reeves’s latest development is an iPhone app, targeted at homeowners in London’s 20 most prestigious postcodes, which offers instant access to Bold & Reeves’s proprietary network of specialist partners – all at the tap of a finger.

As Bill Shipton sums up: ‘Bold & Reeves’s carefully planned property management, preventative maintenance programme and proactive approach is valued by all our clients. The service means that not only do fewer issues become problems, reducing breakdowns and disruptions to their lives but in many instances, insurance premiums are reduced – and that’s a massive added benefit.

BOLD & REEVES 52 Mount Street, London W1K 2SF +44 (0)20 7408 7590