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From boutique tennis tournaments, glossy car shows and horse racing to black tie galas and in-store receptions, it’s hard to think of a more engaged corporate sponsor than Boodles. Indeed, the brand is involved in around 150 events across Britain and overseas every year. A hectic schedule by any standards, let alone for a luxury retail company with nine successful shops. But then this is a company that has always relished a challenge.


Founded in 1798, Boodles is one of the few family-owned jewellers remaining on London’s Bond Street, and at a time when many physical stores are closing all over the country, the brand is considering opening new ones.

It’s not just about glamorous parties and glossy shows: customer events include intimate breakfasts, design lectures and trips to diamond suppliers

‘2019 was a successful year for Boodles, so there is always the overriding challenge of trying to overtake the previous year’s figures,’ says James Amos, Boodles’ Director. ‘We have nine shops in Britain and Ireland, but we think we might like to venture further afield. The challenge is deciding where to go and then making it happen.’


At the same time, this is a brand only too aware of the need to adapt and evolve as the way in which we shop changes. ‘We are constantly trying to innovate and provide experiences for our customers away from the shops,’ says James Amos. ‘Some of our very best customers never come to our shops anyway, so it has always been up to us to provide exciting opportunities to spend time with them – that’s why we sponsor so many events.’


And it’s not just about glamorous parties and glossy shows: customer events include intimate breakfasts, design lectures and trips to diamond suppliers. Boodles has even hosted dinner parties in customers’ own homes.

Conscious that consumers also care a great deal more about provenance than they did even a decade ago, Boodles recently announced a new partnership with the world-famous Cullinan Mine in South Africa. While there is often no way of telling exactly where most diamonds have been mined, this partnership enables Boodles to offer beautiful stones, which it can categorically say come from the Cullinan Mine. When you see ‘BOODLES’ and the letter ‘C’, you know you’re looking at a diamond with a very special pedigree.

Other partnerships include working with a number of British leading films, including a major British production due to be released in 2020. The company will also be providing jewellery for several big blockbusters as well as working closely with young British acting talent through a series of events and initiatives.

‘The next decade may well see even faster rates of change and development than we have seen in the last decade,’ says James Amos. ‘We will continue to champion British design and British craftsmanship through our Liverpool-based design team and our London-based craftsmen. We will also be celebrating 100 years since we acquired our Liverpool shop/head office, a milestone for Boodles in the city and proof that regional companies can grow into national brands.’