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Brook + Wilde

One of Britain’s most brilliant mattress makers

Brook + Wilde promises to deliver a better night’s sleep. It sells beds and furniture online, taking pride in creating a truly luxurious mattress, which is backed by a ten-year guarantee, mattress recycling, free premium delivery and a free 100-night trial.


The company has quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Within just a few months of launching, Which? awarded Brook + Wilde ‘Best Buy’ status, while customers continue to give the company’s products rave reviews on Trustpilot.


The company capitalised on the mattress market being crowded out with low to mid-range brands aimed at a millennial audience. ‘This was just where we didn’t want to be,’ says Co-Founder, Andrew Tyler. ‘From the start we knew we had to elevate ourselves beyond the norm and create something more special at a higher price point. They say you spend a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to spend money on a truly comfortable mattress that stands the test of time. We know individuals are all different shapes and sizes so we offer a soft, medium or firm mattress, depending on their preference. That’s why we totally reject the “one size fits all” approach. Our customers can literally take comfort in their choice. You’d be amazed at the difference our mattresses make – people write to us to tell us how they have changed their lives.’

They say you spend a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to spend money on a truly comfortable mattress that stands the test of time


Co-founders Tyler and Jonathan Coulson are confident that their mattresses are the recipe for the deep, restorative sleep essential for people’s physical and emotional well-being. When he was a director at Dreams, Tyler launched another mattress business called Hyde & Sleep, in collaboration with Jonathan’s marketing agency Blue Crush Communications. Hyde & Sleep became a hugely successful brand and now turns over £10m plus per annum and is profitable. ‘When I took a break from Dreams, Jonathan and I had the “if we could do it all again what would we do differently?” conversation. The result was Brook + Wilde, the perfect bed brand to delight our customers with its outrageously comfortable products,’ says Tyler.


A Brook + Wilde’s mattress represents an enormous amount of technical know-how, innovation and the brand’s ability to absorb a wide range of international ideas and influences. At the same time, the brand has a very British sensibility with a belief that customers will trust the long-lasting quality of a product made in Britain.


‘Our team consists of a mix of industry veterans, designers and self-confessed mattress and furniture nerds,’ says Tyler, ‘and their challenge for 2020 is to build on the brand’s growing reputation as the business takes off. Britain is a melting pot of cultures, influences and ideas; a country of innovators and entrepreneurs, who dream up the impossible. We are steeped in history and tradition but we remain one of the most exciting places in the world to develop an online business. We’re hugely optimistic about 2020 because, whatever political or economic uncertainties lie ahead, we know people will always need a sanctuary to rest in and a mattress to sleep on. Brexit in bed, anyone?’