Brook + Wilde
Outrageously comfortable and innovative sleep solutions marketed via digital platform

If there’s one heart-warming theme that emerged from 2020, it’s that an Englishman’s home is once again his castle and sanctuary. This is good news for businesses and brands in the interiors sector as investment flows into creating comfortable domestic spaces.

Enter Brook + Wilde, online purveyor of best-in-class mattresses, beds, pillows, duvets, bedlinen and more. The Covid-19 crisis sent business booming, with customers latching on to the truth that stress can be improved with good sleep, and that we can take great comfort in having a wonderful place to rest.

We have once again reinvented the luxury mattress with new launches that are packed with innovation

As an online business, Brook + Wilde was also in pole position to take advantage of customers flocking to their tablets to shop. Co-founders Andrew Tyler and Jonathan Coulson embraced the new norm by beefing up the brand’s service proposition, introducing a concierge delivery to meet the needs of bigger-ticket customers and VIPs. Increased demand required investment in the business infrastructure and supply chains. ‘We recruited the very best people we could find to help refine our customer experience journey and achieve consistent levels of service,’ says Coulson.

Servicing the WFH community gave them a new-found respect for the British public’s resilience. ‘That British “keep calm and carry on” attitude was everywhere to be seen. People understand that we are a committed British business, and want to support us. The importance of British manufacturing can’t be stressed enough. Clearly, it helps to support the economy and will be a more reliable supply chain as we head into Brexit,’ explains Tyler.

Last year also saw Brook + Wilde launch ambitious new products. ‘In a challenging year, we have once again reinvented the luxury mattress with new launches that are packed with innovation,’ says Tyler. The Ultima mattress has just launched, with technically advanced cooling properties and airflow systems; Brook + Wilde say it’s the most technologically advanced mattress on the market. Packed with ten different layers of luxury, the Ultima mattress has also been tested to reduce body temperature by two degrees – perfect if you overheat in bed!

Hot on the heels of the Ultima is the ingenious Duo mattress. ‘Our new Duo mattress will help settle arguments across the country between couples who can’t agree on firmness. It’s one complete mattress, within which one side can be firm and the other soft, or whatever combination of four different comfort choices is required. This is truly ground-breaking and not offered by anyone else.’

Awards and plaudits have meanwhile flowed in from the homes and interiors media for the brand’s new duvets and pillows. The Independent reported that the duvets provide ‘a cloud-like splendour that we’ve rarely ever encountered’, while another reviewer raved: ‘Quite unlike any pillow we’ve tried, ridiculously comfortable’.

More bedroom and homeware products are on the slate for 2021, including an innovative sofa bed with the world’s first hybrid mattress – a springs-and-foam combo that should transform the sofa bed’s reputation. The standout success of the brand’s Duchess bed frame, with its cocooning, curvaceous headboard, has inspired a new bed collection; and there will be elegant rugs and well-designed chairs too.