Two former British Army officers, Rob Bassett Cross MC and Charles Bowment, set up Capstar in 2013 to provide meaningful employment opportunities to former servicemen and women following their military careers. A premium chauffeuring service was born.

From this noble beginning, Capstar took flight, extending its reach with the creation of its first international outpost in New York. The brand has increased its offering too, and now delivers three lines of service – luxury travel, risk management and security, and lifestyle. Its security service, which combines state-of-the-art technology with highly trained and experienced former military and security services personnel, has seen the most growth.

The people are critical to both the purpose and success of Capstar, and have been instrumental in elevating the company to be the leading international travel, security and lifestyle services brand it is today. Around 30 per cent of employees have been injured during their service and have been unable to find employment elsewhere. Capstar provides a viable and valuable source of employment post-service, and clients stand to benefit enormously from their military background. The demanding operational tempo the British and American armed forces have faced over the last decade has created a generation of highly skilled and uniquely experienced individuals.

It’s for this very reason that the best in the business call upon Capstar’s services. In an environment in which corporations and individuals are increasingly concerned with security, the military backgrounds of Capstar employees guarantee that they are well placed to deliver reassuringly secure services with a highly polished finish.

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Speaking of his experience with the company, Geoffrey Kent, founder and chairman of Abercrombie and Kent, said, ‘I have just spent the last few days with a Capstar driver and I found him exceptional in every way’. Even more significantly, companies entrust Capstar to uphold their own reputations by recommending their services to their clients.

Whether chartering a jet, delivering protective services or simply providing a chauffeur-driven ride to the airport, Capstar takes military precision to the next level. Arriving in style is a given, too, thanks to Capstar’s fleet of top-range Mercedes, Jaguars and Range Rovers. The brand has also partnered with the very best operators in the aviation business, which means customers can choose from a full spectrum of private jets. Capstar is growing fast, adding new service lines to its luxury offering and is expanding its operations in a further three US cities.

But it’s not just their stellar service that makes them so exceptional: it is about creating real jobs post-service and is the step beyond charity, where the skills learnt through military service can be immediately applied to great effect… and we can’t think of a more noble cause than that.