The armed forces produce highly skilled and uniquely experienced men and women.

It was this certain knowledge that prompted two British ex-army officers to set up Capstar in 2013. The company operates with two objectives in mind: the first is to provide sustainable employment for former service personnel and the second, to offer secure travel and lifestyle management services to corporations and individuals who seek enhanced comfort and safety.

Capstar prioritises client safety in all that they do, and the military backgrounds of their employees ensure they have the expertise to do so.

All Capstar drivers are former servicemen and women, are Security Cleared and take great pride in the service they deliver. They are impeccably presented, security and first aid trained and understand the importance of punctuality and discretion. In addition to the security focused approach, Capstar clients enjoy exemplary comfort and its fleet of Mercedes, Jaguars and Range Rovers ensure journeys are always completed in style. Whether providing a chauffeur-driven journey to the airport, delivering protective services or chartering a jet, Capstar plans and delivers secure travel and lifestyle services with military precision, discretion and meticulous attention to detail.

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Capstar’s travel management services encompass end-to-end planning and delivery of executive and private client travel itineraries, including the provision of secure chauffeuring, the booking of commercial or private flights and the vetting and booking of carefully selected hotels and resorts. Former military close protection operatives deliver additional security where required. Capstar also provides discreet lifestyle management services for corporate and private clients. The service is entirely bespoke, ensuring clients have the support and access they desire, whatever their requirements, whether at work or at home. Capstar provides former military household staff and security teams to run private residences.

The delivery is effortless and discreet, bringing efficiency and order to the day-to-day management, maintenance and security of homes.

Other lifestyle services include seasonal and sporting event booking, luxury and adventure travel, fine art, jewellery and car acquisition and property search. Capstar’s travel and lifestyle management services are underpinned by its security offering, which includes close protection, residential security teams, intelligence reporting, technical security, consultancy and discreet tasks. Capstar has a training centre in London, running a variety of travel and security-related courses. It enlists its own staff directly from the top five per cent of its graduates and it provides a recruitment service to other employers seeking to hire veterans. Through its network, Capstar is uniquely placed to recruit from military and government security services, providing clients with the best veteran candidates for a wide spectrum of roles. Capstar is a unique company built upon the exceptional qualities of its employees, some of whom have been injured during their military careers. Their courage and loyalty to the brand and their clients create an extraordinary ethos that sits at the very heart of the company.