Holidays are precious few and transformative; they are a lifestyle choice and speak volumes about who you are. Step forward Carrier, award-winning luxury tour operator.

Tailormade is a term often overused in the luxury travel industry, yet Carrier offers it in its purest form.

Talking travel with Carrier is like taking a travel masterclass. For over 30 years their in-house experts have earned a reputation for being some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. It takes skill, experience and good relationships to craft the most wonderful holidays for clients. This is why their people travel so frequently – so they are trusted to inspire and advise, refine the options and make it happen.

Carrier’s first destination was Africa; today, its brochures span the globe from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, Europe and North Africa to the Indian Ocean, Arabia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Far East, Australasia, the USA, Canada and Mexico, as well as offering Luxury Ski and Snow.

With Carrier, it’s not about cobbling together a couple of destinations or throwing in a trio of hotels, they really listen to their customers, getting to know their likes and dislikes, what they value above all else, what needs to be ticked off their bucket list…

In this manner, each trip is bespoke to each individual, down to every single detail; arranging itineraries that answer every individual nuance, providing seamless service from start to finish. For time-poor, expectation-high travellers, Carrier is the discerning choice. 

From five-star resorts, iconic hotels and super chic villas to romantic canvas tents, boutique boltholes and quirky hideaways – its portfolio is as diverse as it is exclusive, with every destination having an enduring appeal and superlative standards. Hand-picked and tried and tested by Carrier’s travel experts, you won’t fail to find something that will have you immediately rummaging for your passport.

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This year, Carrier’s consultants have taken over 80 trips to ensure that they are well equipped to advise on destinations and hotels, allowing them to unearth local insider knowledge, from the ambience of a hotel to the size and positions of the rooms, and the true nature of the surrounding area.

Behind every successful Carrier holiday is a long-standing team of staff, both at home and abroad. Amongst the well-loved faces is Antigua’s Janet Lewis, a brilliant ambassador for Carrier. Born and bred in the Caribbean, she has a passion for her island and a contagious warmth and enthusiasm.

A recent guest said,

My daughter and I wanted to go to St Johns to see the carnival. Janet found out and invited us to spend the day with her whole family so we could have the true experience. She is absolutely priceless and made our holiday even better.

Knowledge, inspiration and style – three pillars that underpin Carrier’s approach. This solid foundation is clearly working wonders, as they have won numerous awards for the services they offer. They are as far from middle of the road as it’s possible to be. They don’t just offer  well-trodden trips that merely suffice; these holidays didn’t exist until they created them, from the ground up. No ambition is too big, Carrier challenges its clients to stretch its team. We say, challenge accepted.

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