Catchpole & Rye may hail from a small English village – Pluckley in Kent – but this fine bathroom company has tapped into a niche market to become one of Britain’s most sought-after bathroom brands and a major player in the industry worldwide. The brand’s roots grew from a passion for collecting and restoring antique baths and sanitary ware. Owner Tony O’Donnell’s expertise and knowledge of bathroom antiques means the brand has stayed true to traditional methods that have been used throughout history.

‘To create something original, you must first fully understand the past,’ is the maxim to which Catchpole & Rye stays true. This appreciation and respect for antiques is how its current collection has evolved into the luxurious designs you see today.

The company is proudly committed to British manufacturing and produces most of its collection of cast-iron baths at its foundry in Kent. The baths are poured using the same techniques that have been used for a century and it takes a highly skilled polisher a week to hand-polish a cast-iron bath to achieve its signature glimmering sheen. It’s this attention to detail and quality that distinguishes a Catchpole & Rye bathroom and why it’s frequently called upon to undertake prestigious projects, from stately homes and castles to boutique hotels and commercial establishments.

Catchpole & Rye’s products include copper baths, cast-iron French roll-top baths, elegant console basins, polished cast-metal cisterns, marble washstands, wooden vanity units and a range of quality taps and showers. Baths and cisterns can be made bespoke and cast with initials, dates, logos or even coats of arms. Indeed, Catchpole & Rye believes that every bath is different, which is why it encourages its customers to try out its baths before buying – even if in full view of the street.

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This year the brand has expanded to take its inventiveness to a new level. More workshops, a new engineering plant and electroplating facility means Catchpole & Rye can offer even more finishes and its new black nickel finish takes the total of finishes on taps and showers to nine. The expansion of the brand’s on-site capability also gives Catchpole & Rye greater control over quality and customers around the world are becoming increasingly appreciative of the brand’s level of craftsmanship.

In 2018, adding to its already exceptional range of adventurous and visually stunning showers, Catchpole & Rye launched the floor-mounted Spine Shower that delivers jets to the body from a series of minimalist ribs. It also launched the substantial and generous Empress Double Basin on an elegant metal frame in a variety of finishes, inspired by the late 19th-century designs of Jacob Delafon.

With its headquarters in Pluckley, Kent, as well as a two-storey showroom in Royal Tunbridge Wells, spring 2019 will see the flagship showroom on London’s Fulham Road expanding into the neighbouring space to  accommodate its ever-increasing collection.

Its creative, bespoke solutions harnessed with an in-depth knowledge of beautiful classic bathroom design, have established Catchpole & Rye as one of the world’s leading bathroom suppliers. Way beyond mere functionality, a Catchpole & Rye bathroom is built to delight its owner for years, if not centuries, to come.

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