Celine Estates is a young design consultancy in a hurry. Founded in 2014, it has already won a reputation for the quality of its luxury developments, landing two prestigious awards in 2018. Celine Estates is now recognised as one of Britain’s top 50 interior design practices, a great compliment for so young a business. The company’s founder, Noor Charchafchi, qualified as an aviation finance lawyer and worked in that field for a number of years before setting up her own interior design practice.

In the past year, Celine Estates has been busy with projects at home but it has also taken on three new international ones. To cope with the extra work, they recruited two new full-time designers this year. The company is also involved in a number of schemes for large developers across the country and is collaborating with a British furniture manufacturer to produce a beautiful, hand-made dining table.

In response to the challenging times faced by the property industry, Celine Estates has evolved a new business strategy, working with developers to reintroduce unsold property stock to the market and, by reinvigorating it, giving it a second chance.

The practice uses its expertise to create beautifully designed properties, while sticking to lower budgets that are more accessible to developers. The company is sometimes asked to design properties with slight defects that make them harder to sell, for example, ones with views overlooking a railway station or with significant noise pollution issues. Luxury is Celine Estates’ hallmark but there are many ways to deliver it and the company has striven to create new services to reflect the ever-changing requirement of the market.

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Celine Estates is proud to be a British small business, a sector which is one of the driving forces of the nation’s economy.

The wellbeing of the sector is vitally important to the health of the British economy as a whole. As a British company, the practice is keen to support other British brands and services. The company recently hosted a dinner for some of the top British designers, a valuable opportunity to discuss and share trade information.

Celine Estates embodies the qualities of professionalism and integrit that characterise British business in the eyes of its customers. On commissioning the practice, one client announced that she wanted something completely different, a departure from its signature style. Celine suggested other designers but the client’s insistence on working with Celine won the day so the project went ahead, with spectacular results. Her dining table is made of tree roots covered in bronze leaf and her television unit is a series of bronze poles and circular bands; the ceiling lights are made of overlapping gold rectangular panels with white flowers winding around the protruding poles.

There is a real sense that the British interior design industry is undergoing great changes at the moment, becoming more inclusive and open, a markedly British quality. Celine Estates is proud to be part of that very British movement.


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