Christy has been bringing innovation and beautiful quality products to Britain since 1850. That was the year its founder, Henry Christy, travelled to Constantinople, now Istanbul, and discovered what we now know as ‘terry cloth’, the loop pile fabric used to make towels. After feeling a sample at a bazaar, he instantly recognised the potential of this soft yet super-absorbent fabric, and resolved to bring it back to the British bathing public.

As soon as he arrived back home he founded the company Christy and developed an innovative machine which produced terry-cloth towels on a large scale, and who have created unmistakedly British products ever since.
The following year he showcased his ground-breaking products at the Great Exhibition. They were an instant hit.

Queen Victoria was delighted to be presented with a set and immediately became a fan – she ordered dozens more to furnish her many homes.

Thereafter Christy’s high quality towels became known as ‘Royal Turkish Towels’, drawing on their dual British and international heritage.

At that time, Britain was in the midst of an industrial revolution, and Christy quickly became an important name in Manchester, where its very first cotton mill was located. Today, Manchester continues to play
an important role for Christy, and is currently home to the company’s in-house design team. Like its products, the business is constantly evolving, and the past two years have seen the appointment of a new CEO, Marketing Director, and PR agency.

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This ongoing quest for innovation has seen the development of new products alongside its more traditional ranges. As well as towels, Christy offers superior quality bed linen, towelling robes, bath mats, bed-throws and cushions. They come in a dazzling spectrum of colours ranging from traditional whites and creams to bold new hues such as lime green and bright yellows and orange. Like Henry Christy, the company’s founder, who became a noted explorer, the latest range of towels take their inspiration from far-flung places around the world, including Santorini, San Antonio, and Bali.

Closer to home, Christy is proud to be The Official Towel Licensee to The Championships, Wimbledon. Since 1988, the world’s greatest tennis players have been exposed to the unique softness and quality of a Christy towel. More recently, Christy’s commitment to excellence and Britishness has led to a partnership with Ascot, the home of British flat racing. As of 2017, Christy became the ‘Official Textiles Supplier’ for Ascot, and a special range of products was launched in celebration, ranging from tea towels to picnic blankets.

When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, Christy had just celebrated its first centenary so it produced commemorative towels for the coronation. A new design was introduced in 1977, to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.

Today, as it approaches its 170th birthday, Christy continues to explore new opportunities while remaining mindful of its illustrious heritage.

A slick website – ideal for online shopping – has been complemented by a growing presence on Facebook and Instagram. All part of a commitment woven into the company’s founding fabric – to produce the very best, while striving for something new. Living redefined.


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