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Continually evolving while referencing its rich heritage

Church’s sees today’s luxury market as one that is now in constant evolution, be this as a result of consumer product expectation, service requirements or of how consumers are exposed to a brand. It could also be the general geopolitical uncertainties that all luxury brands now face. However, these factors all represent a positive challenge to Church’s, giving it the opportunity to self-evaluate continually and improve in order to maintain its leadership position within the market.


While its classic offer – with styles such as Oxfords and Brogues – transcends the fripperies of fashion, Church’s continues to innovate, providing the levels of newness, high quality and service expected by today’s exacting luxury consumer. Taking on board the trend for sports luxe, Church’s has recently launched a new sneaker, the CH873, its name derived from the year the brand was properly established by Thomas Church.


His three sons, Alfred, William and Thomas Jr., later drove the brand forward, uniting its traditional production process within one factory in Northampton (before that, shoemaking was carried out individually by employees in their own homes).


The new CH873 has a lightweight sole and is available in 15 colour and leather combinations, including classic leather styles alongside sportier models in suede and nylon. Colour options range from white, black, navy and brown for men and silver, pink, gold and light blue for women, with triple colour styles also available for those in search of a more retro feel. Ever the innovator, Church’s was the first footwear manufacturer to introduce fitted ‘left’ and ‘right’ shoes to a mass market, rather than the simple ‘straights’ produced by its competitors.

It continues to employ the time-honoured artisanal traditions and handcrafting techniques long associated with the brand


It was also early to see the importance of international expansion and, in the early-20th century, began exporting to eager new markets, including the United States, Canada, South America and China, as well as organising distribution in key European countries. In the coming year, the brand has significant expansion plans in key territories, including Japan and the USA.


Today Church’s shoes are still manufactured in Northamptonshire, the heartland of luxury British shoe manufacturing. Here it continues to employ the time-honoured artisanal traditions and handcrafting techniques long associated with the brand, using processes that can take up to eight weeks and involve hundreds of precise manual operations to create a single pair of shoes.


This dedication to traditional methods also enables Church’s to offer a full refurbishment service to its clients, using the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as in original manufacturing process. Shoes are returned as good as new.


In 2020, the brand will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of its most famous styles, plans for which are still currently under wraps. Whatever the plans comprise, they are bound to involve both an appreciation of heritage and a forward-thinking attitude – attributes which have continually assisted the brand to remain one step ahead.