Clive Christian Furniture Co
A distinctive global interiors brand elegantly crafted in Britain

The exceptional circumstances of 2020 prompted many of us to re-evaluate how we utilise the space in our homes, and to reflect on the need for clever design to maximise a room’s potential. Moreover, throwing open our homes to virtual inspection by friends and colleagues woke people up to the realisation that an interior makeover might be long overdue.

Enter Clive Christian Furniture, renowned for its statement kitchens and interiors since the company was founded in 1978. Characterised by its lavish approach to the contemporary, the brand brought opulent chandeliers, marquetry and mouldings into kitchens, transforming them into glamorous and sociable entertaining spaces. From its humble beginnings in Cheshire, the brand can now be found in luxury estates and residences in all corners of the globe, adding value while flying the flag for fine British craftsmanship.

The company is extremely proud of the longevity of its creations, which are inherently sustainable in nature and built to stand the test of time

Under the stewardship of ambitious new owner David Dare, the brand’s board took the opportunity of enforced downtime in 2020 to reflect and refocus, so that the business was well-placed to relaunch once doors reopened.

Strategic alliances were announced with a number of well-known brands including Champagne Louis Roederer, London’s oldest bookshop Hatchards, and Glancy Fawcett, purveyor of high-end products for residences, yachts and private aircraft. New show spaces opened in Manchester and Vietnam in 2020, and more are scheduled for Manhattan and Marbella in 2021.

Whilst 50 per cent of sales are exported each year, all cabinetry is still crafted in the Clive Christian workshop in the north of England, providing vital support and investment for the local area and its economy. Apprenticeships keep skills alive, with master craftsmen passing their time-honoured expertise on to the next generation. The brand will debut an exciting new collection in 2021, designed, it says, to send ripples through the interior design world.

The long-term success of the Clive Christian brand is attributable to its sharp antennae for meeting the challenges set by the constantly evolving high and ultra-high net worth modern client. ‘The meaning of luxury and its associations changes over time, particularly when faced with the pressures of an unprecedented global pandemic or Brexit. However, the demand for, and appreciation of, expert British design and craftsmanship remains,’ says Dare.

The company serves a client base that invests carefully in products for the long term: a viewpoint that transcends local political or financial cycles. A Clive Christian-designed space has a tangible, tradeable market value. Every project is wholly bespoke, starting with a hand-drawn sketch and with each component carefully considered in order to deliver a unique scheme. The company is extremely proud of the longevity of its creations, which are inherently sustainable in nature and built to stand the test of time.

David Dare’s visionary approach, backed up by new investment, echoes that of Clive Christian’s original intent: to deliver the finest designs and finishes for the home, which celebrate heritage, excellent craftsmanship and future-proof design. As society contemplates the prospect of spending a lot more time at home, the outlook for the Clive Christian brand looks decidedly rosy.