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Fine towels, robes and bed linen, with an exclusive monogram collection by Sophie Paterson Interiors

Coze was set up by brothers Ben and Dan Roston in 2017 to fill a gap in the consumer market for hotel quality bed linen, towelling, pillows and blankets. Not only has the family been involved in the textiles business for four generations, but for the past 40 years it has also supplied many of the country’s top hotels, including The Dorchester, Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz in London, The Fingal in Edinburgh and Gleneagles in Perthshire.


The brothers’ obsession with sourcing the best craftsmanship and artisanal excellence from around the globe – premium cotton from India’s Bay of Bengal, the softest towelling from Turkey and the cosiest woollen blankets woven from Mongolian cashmere – combined with competitive pricing and a customer-centric approach, saw Coze’s popularity quickly increase and it now has a staff count of 50 employees. That said, it’s still very much a family company, with Ben, Dan and their father all playing an active role.

Premium cotton from India’s Bay of Bengal, the softest towelling from Turkey and the cosiest woollen blankets woven from Mongolian cashmere


Coze collaborates with a number of top hotels, spas and interior designers. One such collaboration is with Sophie Paterson Interiors, a renowned design studio specialising in luxury residential interiors. It turns out that Sophie herself has a life-long love of monogramming and features bespoke pieces throughout her home and high-end interior design projects. Her collection for Coze comprises not just towels but bed linen, tea towels, dressing gowns and blankets, all of which can be personalised with a monogram.


Sophie says, ‘I was introduced to Coze in 2018 and I loved the branding and quality. I know how hugely important it is to get the finer things like towelling and bed linen right – they’re the items that spend the most time in contact with your skin. Plus, when I embark on a collaboration such as the Sophie Paterson collection for Coze,I want to make sure it’s something I would want in my own home.’


Sophie, who describes herself as ‘passionate about monogramming’, had been looking to partner with the right company to bring a wider range of monogrammed bespoke products to Britain and the interiors market.


‘Monogramming is very time-consuming. There are no online companies that combine the luxury and quality I’m after as well as the right style of monogram with the ease of use. I also wanted to ensure the collection for Coze provided value for money and would allow most people to buy something special for their own home – even if it’s just a tea towel – it can elevate your space and your daily routine.’ All the products can be embroidered with a monogram of choice from as little as £12.


‘I think this collection caters to all households and we’ve chosen embroidery, font and colour options that look good in any interior,’ says Sophie. ‘I’m surrounded by beautiful and luxurious objects on a daily basis, so I feel that if I’m this excited about the collection, then it can’t fail to excite others.’