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Dale Rogers Ammonite

A world-class collection of rare, inspirational fossils, crystals and minerals

It was in the mid 1980s, when travelling through Morocco, that Dale Rogers found his vocation as a fossil hunter. In a Tangier market he suddenly spotted some small stones that looked like fragments of shells. He was so taken by their beauty that he wanted to know more. When he found out that the stones were at least 350-million years old, containing fossils of prehistoric sea creatures, it was a lightbulb moment and the Dale Rogers Ammonite brand was born.


Dale Rogers began selling his intriguing specimens and fossils from a modest market stall on London’s Portobello Road. He quickly began building an unparalleled reputation for focusing on quality and those hard-to-come-by larger pieces with true wow factor. Today the company ships all over the world, from Britain and the US to Japan and Dubai, supplying influential and celebrated interior designers, architects, superyacht designers, art collectors and private clients. Dale Rogers fossils, minerals and crystals can be seen at its London gallery on Pimlico Road, or at its spectacular treasure trove of a private warehouse in north-west London. Its fine-tuned collection ranges from exquisitely mounted crystals to giant statement pieces and wall hangings. Clients have included Candy & Candy, Collett- Zarzycki, Terence Disdale Design, Andrew Winch Designs and Rose Uniacke.


Dale’s son, Luke Garwood – who runs the Pimlico Road gallery – says, ‘We’re very proud to be the leading pioneer of natural art. Without doubt we have the best collection in Britain and are among the top five in the world. It all stems from my father’s love of travelling – he’s living his dream, roaming the world in search of the very best weird and wonderful pieces that become a conversation piece in people’s homes.’

When Dale Rogers found out that the stones were at least 350-million years old, containing fossils of prehistoric sea creatures, it was a lightbulb moment

Dale Rogers Ammonite

The company’s success is largely due to its extraordinary, wide-ranging network of expert hunters. ‘We go to places like Uruguay for amethyst, Afghanistan for lapis lazuli, Brazil for quartz crystal or Indonesia for bumble bee jasper, so we have people on the ground almost everywhere,’ says Luke. ‘Over 35 years of building trusted relationships means that when sources find a great piece they’ll come to us first.’


2019 saw Dale Rogers honoured by Christie’s when it invited the company to collaborate with De Beers to showcase the finest diamonds, minerals and crystals at the Rare Treasures of the Earth exhibition at Christie’s King Street in November. ‘We worked alongside Christie’s to create a diamond and crystal grotto,’ says Luke. ‘We were so proud to be involved in the project and to showcase our beautiful specimens alongside some of the world’s rarest diamonds.’


Looking ahead to 2020, Dale Rogers is planning trips to Afghanistan, Morocco and Mexico. ‘It’s my father’s vocation and passion, so he’ll always be seeking out those inspirational pieces on which we’ve built the business,’ says Luke. ‘We often think we’ve seen it all but then we’ll come across something that will blow people away. That’s why we’re so successful. We will never stop scouring the world for those awe-inspiring manifestations of our natural history dating back millions of years.’