Deirdre Dyson has had an exciting year, starting with the launch of her annual collection at Maison & Objet, which featured a visualisation of the transformation from concept to completion of her current collection. 

Deirdre Dyson’s design theme this year was ‘Vista’, which showcases a more figurative side to Deirdre’s work drawing on her experience as an artist and graphic designer, and inspired by her love of landscape. Designs such as the round Lily Pond demonstrate a more playful side to her work, with silken waterlilies and gentle grading highlighting a touch of humour. Bulrushes also made news, winning the Carpet Design category of the 2017 International Design and Architecture Awards. 

The demand for more interesting carpets, as opposed to single colour pieces, has been growing fast over the last couple of years, and so the studio has had a great response from this collection.

They can still produce plain wool and silk options, which many interior designers prefer, but generally a client of Deirdre Dyson expects something more engaging, unusual and interesting. A recent project involving the conversion of a five-floor Georgian townhouse to a commercial office in London enabled the studio to create a raft of designs to fit each room’s purpose, linked by colour across the entire project. This gave them the ability to demonstrate their full range of manufacturing capabilities – with tufting of fitted carpets, a graded stair carpet and hand knotted freestanding rugs in both silk and wool.

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Deirdre Dyson is now permanently exhibited in a dedicated interior design space in Paris, allowing its growing French client base to be able to see its products in a lifestyle context. Meanwhile, a growing audience in the US is encouraging them to develop further international relationships, and opens minds to new design possibilities. Deirdre Dyson has been working on a documentary describing how they collaborate with Nepal, giving an insight into the company’s production process. The film crew was in Nepal when the earthquake struck and the studio is extremely proud that its carpets help the communities of Nepal. 

The Timothy Hatton designed gallery on the King’s Road continues to enable clients to view carpets in a contemporary and architectural context that opens their minds to new possibilities as well.

The gallery has succeeded in attracting architects and specifiers, as well as inspiring its private clients, and has become an inspiring workplace, meeting venue and events space, providing a spectacular backdrop for its collections, both past and present. Clients continue to be drawn to Deirdre Dyson’s work due to the fact that each product is tailor-made specifically to their requirements. Size, shape and colourway are all customisable. The attention to the detail in the design process is mirrored in the production quality, with each rug made to an exacting, heirloom quality. Combined together, these processes make Deirdre Dyson’s rugs and carpets a central element in any scheme, and without doubt a piece to enjoy for life.

DEIRDRE DYSON  554 KING’S ROAD, LONDON SW6 2DZ  +44 (0)20 7384 4464  


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