When artist Deirdre Dyson was looking for a contemporary carpet for her home and couldn’t find one, she decided to design her own and have it made.

Having trained in fine art, graphic design and illustration, Deirdre found that she loved designing the carpet and was subsequently invited back by the carpet supplier to create a whole collection. As she discovered: ‘The challenges are the same as painting but using a different medium’.

Working on the collections, Deirdre learnt about the techniques of hand-knotting and hand-tufting and discovered the magical effects these techniques could achieve. Deirdre later became a partner, before taking over the business in 2000, transforming the company by focusing on contemporary designs, customer relations and ultimately the finest quality product.

A Deirdre Dyson carpet is completely bespoke, made with the finest materials, produced to the highest standards. Although best-known for its hand-knotted, Nepalese freestanding carpets in silk and wool, all the 100 per cent wool, wall-to-wall fitted and hand-tufted carpets are made in the UK. The company is registered with the Goodweave organisation to ensure that all its carpets are ethically produced.

Since starting her company, Deirdre Dyson’s team has doubled in size and includes a sales manager in Paris to oversee European business. And yet, as a fine artist, Deirdre still approaches each design in the same way she would a painting, with wool and silk as her mediums instead of paint. Each piece is created as a freestanding ‘work of art’ rather than designed with a repeat pattern in mind. Each year Deirdre produces a collection of eight or nine designs, which are added to the library. Every collection begins with a concept followed by research, drawing and painting, before it’s translated onto a computer for the final artwork. As Deirdre likes to work with themes, one design often evolves into the next.

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The catalogue of designs is just the starting point for a bespoke carpet or rug. Visit the gallery on the King’s Road – renovated in 2015 by Timothy Hatton Architects – to find the carpets displayed in the perfect space to show off their unique designs and reveal them as the ‘works of art’ they are. The company works with each client to develop the designs by way of colour choice and finish, and to create the final product to the requirements set.

Although there is a broad library of designs and over 2,000 colours, it is the bespoke tailoring for the client that makes Deirdre Dyson’s business what it is. Each client’s requirements present a new and exciting challenge for the whole team, who see every project as a creative opportunity, be it a small personal rug or a larger one for a commercial contract space. As Deirdre explains:

My challenge is to create something precious and contemporary, that will outlive the passing trends of interior design and stand alone. More a work of art than simply a carpet.

It is no surprise then that several of Deirdre’s carpets have been commissioned to accompany exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Deirdre’s first book, Walking on Art, takes the reader through her experience as a carpet designer, using wonderful illustrations. From a hand-drawn sketch to a classic contemporary product, to choose a Deirdre Dyson carpet or rug is to participate in the creation of a modern artwork.

DEIRDRE DYSON  554 KING’S ROAD, LONDON SW6 2DZ  +44 (0)20 7384 4464  


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