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Dr Sebagh

Advanced skincare brand combining French manufacture with unique formulations

The Dr Sebagh brand, co-owned by cosmetic doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh and businesswoman and philanthropist Melissa John, is one of the few privately-owned skincare brands that formulates and manufactures its own products. This independence enables it to develop unique and powerful formulations using advanced bio-tech ingredients, carefully chosen for their potency and specific benefits in addressing a particular skincare need or area of concern.


The Dr Sebagh brand’s philosophy has always been about the skin’s individual needs, and that ‘feeding’ it properly with the correct ingredients for your skin type, in the right concentration and using the latest bio-technology available, is the key to achieving the best possible skin. Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh was the first person to advocate the mixing of different serums to create a personal skincare regime.


He explains, ‘As a cosmetic surgeon, I don’t believe in miracle skincare creams, but I do believe that good quality skincare can make a real difference to the skin. Feeding the skin on a daily basis, with ingredients carefully selected for your own needs, is essential to maintain a youthful skin.’

Skin maintenance should start as early as possible to slow down the ageing process

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Although the brand views education about product quality as a potential challenge, it appears to be succeeding. It has garnered numerous awards for excellence, especially for the ‘hero’ products loved by beauty insiders, Hollywood celebrities and influencers worldwide. These include Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask, Serum Repair, Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum, Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, winner of three awards in 2019 alone, and the just-launched Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15. ‘I am also excited about our new microbiome essences and new-generation Retinol Night Repair, both launching in 2020,’ he says.


Dr Sebagh attributes the brand’s success to this drive for quality and integrity, coupled with the best French manufacturing, with its history of innovation and excellence. There are also moves to embrace sustainability: ‘I am feeling very optimistic and positive about the changes we are making with packaging, as it is our aim to be eco-friendly by the end of 2020.’


Alongside its core activities, the Dr Sebagh brand has a history of philanthropic work and has made substantial donations to many charitable projects and causes. These include West London Action for Children, the Brain Tumour Charity, the National Homeless Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Dog’s Trust and the Bentley Priory Museum, among many others. In 2018, Melissa John, on behalf of the brand, established The Mercury Foundation to expand this charitable work. ‘Dr Sebagh and I are passionate about what we do and believe strongly in giving back. If we can help causes or charities we believe in, we do,’ says Melissa.


The Dr Sebagh brand is sold globally through well-known department stores and online via its website. However, in a departure from this, last Christmas Eve the warehouse received a call direct from a customer desperate for a present for his fiancée: ‘Even though he called at 7pm, we opened the office,’ Melissa says. ‘We packed his gift and sent it by courier.
It arrived at his home at 8.30pm. He was delighted.’