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The fearless shoe brand designed in London, hand-made in England

2019 was an exceptional year for Duke + Dexter. A hugely successful collaboration with Snoop Dogg – a partnership born out of the American icon’s own love of the brand – saw the likes of David Beckham and Rihanna wearing its footwear, while in September the company was crowned Premium Footwear Brand of the Year by Drapers.

A hugely successful collaboration with Snoop Dogg – a partnership born out of the American icon’s own love of the brand – saw the likes of Rihanna wearing its shoes

Launched in 2014, Duke + Dexter sells its handmade styles in over 120 countries. The brand’s strength lies in being original and fearless. In this era of everyone shouting at once on digital marketing platforms, this has helped it stand out from the crowd and build a truly loyal customer base. The brand now plans to focus more on direct customer interaction, from monthly store events to workshops.


Duke + Dexter knows consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and more emotionally invested in choosing which brands to buy from. This is a great opportunity to explain the ‘why’ behind its designs, through telling stories and creating collaborations that have genuine meaning and resonate with the fearless Duke + Dexter DNA.


‘Everyone loves to say it, but we truly believe that the customer comes first,’ says Archie Hewlett, founder of Duke + Dexter. ‘We send handwritten cards with every repeat order to show that we’re not a faceless business and that we genuinely care about our clients and how our products fit in with their lives. Ultimately that creates a brand that does more than just sell shoes.’


Customers are always welcome at the Duke + Dexter HQ, an immersive hub in London’s Victoria. Here they can explore all four floors, from retail to the design room, and meet some of the team behind the brand. There is a lounge area where anyone is welcome to relax, have coffee and put their feet up – no questions asked, just as long as they’re enjoying themselves.

This is also where the brand holds its bespoke consultations, whether they’re with in-house artist, Jess, to discuss an entirely hand-painted shoe or with head of retail, Damien, to talk about classic embroidery work. Clients can also visit the factory where Duke + Dexter footwear is handmade. ‘We want to celebrate our British manufacturing and the masterful craft and expertise that goes into creating every single pair of Duke + Dexter’s,’ says Archie.

Plans for 2020 include opening a ‘hub’ in New York – the first Duke + Dexter outside Britain – and building on the success of the collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The brand is rumoured to be joining forces with a legendary British racing driver for an upcoming collection. Duke + Dexter is also developing a number of new styles that will step in a slightly new direction from the classic Duke + Dexter loafer, but still uphold the brand’s core values of quality and fearlessness.

Duke + Dexter plans to transfer some of that trademark fearlessness to its customers too: inspiring and enabling them to achieve something they’ve been putting off or been too scared to do – such as a sky dive or bungee jump – and making it happen. In a pair of Duke + Dexter’s, naturally.

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