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Edward Green

The luxury shoemaker with roots in two time-honoured traditions

Edward Green is not about following seasonal trends. Rather, it is in the business of making handsome, beautifully crafted shoes designed to last for years. The brand sees the core values of being a British shoemaker today as being fundamentally very similar to those of 50 or 100 years ago; being part of two traditions which both have deep roots.


In Northampton, Edward Green creates shoes cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers, from the same global centre of excellence where Mr Green first established his workshop in 1890. Here each pair of its shoes are made to the same principles that have guided Edward Green for over a century, while Jermyn Street is embedded in the world of St James’s and of classic English style. These traditions are deeply appreciated both at home and abroad, and while both evolve, they are revered because they are constants in an ever-changing world.


Edward Green is introducing some of its classic models (the Dover, a split-toe derby, and the Piccadilly loafer) in a handsome tumbled calf leather, London Grain, which fits well with the move to softer textures in tailoring. The Cranleigh, with its ‘Norwegian Apron’, is inspired by the classic hand-sewn Dover and is a boot designed to appeal to a market increasingly hungry for practical and casual style.

Each pair of its shoes are made to the same principles that have guided Edward Green for over a century

Edward Green

Honouring the brand’s tradition of using only the finest calfskins, it is available in a range of Utah calf leathers, made even more supple via extensive steeping in oils. The brand’s technical team has been hard at work developing women’s versions of its classic lasts and the Dover, Galway and Newmarket are all now available ready-to-wear for women, with a much wider selection available to be made-to-order, including a full range of sizes and widths.


With the uncertainties of Brexit still in the air and question marks hanging over elements such as raw material costs and duty to key export markets, Edward Green sees that its systems will be a key focus for the coming year. It is looking at how it can better balance supply and demand and ensure that the shoes being made are those most desired by its customers.


Edward Green’s focus continues to be on its factory workers, the lifeblood of the business, committed artisans who understand the company’s values and strive to bring these to life. As older employees retire, there is a constant quest for renewal in terms of sourcing and bringing in younger shoemakers with an eye for detail and a taste for learning all the intricacies of the craft. In Northampton, Edward Green is increasing the amount of time given over to staff training, for the skilled craftsperson, able to lend a hand in pretty much any area of the factory.


Tradition and craftsmanship are still prized above all else, taking years of training to learn the skills that have been passed down over generations, just like the traditional shoes that are returned to be recrafted over and over again.