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E.J. Churchill

The multi-award-winning brand encompassing the entire shooting experience

E.J. Churchill is not a brand to rest on its laurels when it comes to the development of both its shotguns and its experiential shooting offer, and this year is no exception. The brand has recently taken on a new shooting ground in North Yorkshire on the Swinton Estate, where a huge potential audience awaits a world-class shooting ground on its doorstep. As the brand further develops, the new shooting ground is just the start of an expanding portfolio as E.J. Churchill continues to research further development opportunities across other British regions.


E.J. Churchill is again to host the World English Sporting Championship for the fourth consecutive time. The 2020 event promises to be truly exceptional, generating significant entries. Each time the brand delivers the championships for this biannual event, which alternates between the USA and Britain, it works tirelessly to ensure it improves the occasion and 2020 is set to be the best yet.


Retaining existing clients is an important consideration and requires constantly devising new ideas and innovation. E.J. Churchill has spent many years concentrating on its facilities at the shooting ground and is currently building a new centre of excellence for British Shooting to train on, in addition to an area to entice new up-and-coming shooters into the sport. A key part of its ongoing strategy is to invest in and develop its online presence – an opportunity to reach a wider audience and to become fully accessible to the online consumer.

E.J. Churchill is again to host the World English Sporting Championship for the fourth consecutive time. The 2020 event promises to be truly exceptional

E. J. Churchill

Working with British Shooting and the GB athletes, plus welcoming the country’s elite shooters remains a great honour for the brand. Continuing and developing relationships with other notable British brands too, such as Promatic, Troy UK and Bremont, are also a key focus and an important route for mutual development.


Hosting the World Championships is a notable flag-waving exercise for the E.J. Churchill team, who work very closely with sports governing body, the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA): this represents a fine opportunity to show why Britain leads the way when it comes to running the very best championship events that the world can offer.

The brand’s association with George Digweed MBE as Global Shooting Ambassador continues to develop. One of the greatest shots ever to have lived, Digweed is in charge of The E.J. Churchill George Digweed Academy and works with the team to offer the finest lessons on the best facilities of their kind, providing an unparalleled opportunity for clients to benefit from his knowledge and unique skill set. The Academy now additionally boasts five instructors who are fully qualified to teach and pass on George Digweed’s method of shooting.

The brand has received the 36th Gold Medal Award from the Management Committee of FITASC, in honour of its services and for hosting the 41st World Sporting Championships last year. This is a very special award and rarely given out – a point of great pride and a credit to an exceptional brand and its highly accomplished teams.

E. J. Churchill