Elicyon was founded in 2014 by Charu Gandhi, with a vision to weave a story of ‘exquisite interior couture’ around every project. Today Elicyon is a multi award-winning design studio. Its approach has always been narrative and experience driven, a vision that changes constantly depending on the location, architecture, client and historical or cultural context of a project. Elicyon merges the rigour of architectural practice with the fluid beauty of interior design and takes each client on a journey, from the genesis of the project to their move into the property and beyond.   

In line with its growing international recognition, Elicyon’s diverse team has grown from 12 to 20 and continues to foster the best of the best of creative talented experts. The craftsmen and artisans that Elicyon works with include some of the world’s leading glassmakers, crystal makers and innovative producers of plasterwork, finishes and furniture.

In 2018, Elicyon completed the concept design for a 29,000 sq/ft penthouse in Dubai and landmark projects in Shanghai and Mumbai, alongside several British projects in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Marylebone and Chelsea.

There are few lengths to which Elicyon will not go for its clients.

When a client asked Elicyon to purchase an oil painting for a London property, Charu Gandhi went with her Creative Director to the Art Basel Fair, where they were first in the VIP queue to ensure they acquired an incredible Joan Miró art work. Another time, with an extremely fast turnaround, royal Middle Eastern clients asked Elicyon to design and decorate a hospital suite for their daughter, who was due to give birth to the heir of the throne. In line with tradition, a reception was held following the birth. Elicyon created the entire environment in which to introduce the Royal baby, including monogrammed linen and cushions, the table setting and goody bags (in partnership with Lalique). ‘No journey is too long or difficult for a successful project,’ says Charu Gandhi.

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A Chinese client wanted an authentically British apartment, so Elicyon built it in a warehouse outside London then had it flat-packed, air freighted out and installed in Shanghai. Even the lightbulbs were from Britain and to avoid any error or delay, Elicyon’s joiners and craftsmen took their own tools.

‘For us, being British is celebrating the amazing confluence of styles and influences that London benefits from,’ says Charu.

‘London is a fertile breeding ground for creativity and a hub for the design world. It draws talent from around the world to its museums and educational institutions like the Architectural Association, Central Saint Martins or the Royal College of Art. Adventurousness is a very British quality and at Elicyon we have a fervent sense of adventure, which takes us around the world in search of excellence and often encourages us to push the boundaries on behalf of our clients. While we may be sourcing textiles from India, drawing inspiration from France and procuring marble from Italy, we always close the circle by remaining committed to our investment in British craft.’


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