Delivering great British design on a global scale

Back in the spring of 2020, at the height of lockdown, the Elicyon team was mid-installation on three major projects. Needless to say, the circumstances presented numerous challenges, but it is testament to the resolve and positivity of Elicyon’s founder and director, Charu Gandhi and her team, that all three projects were delivered on time to happy clients.

Throughout the upheaval of the past 12 months, Elicyon has never wavered from its ethos and vision to create beautiful spaces for its clients around the world. Indeed, 2020 saw Elicyon complete a number of landmark projects across London in private homes and leading luxury developments, including Chelsea Barracks, Lancaster Gate, Southbank Place, Mayfair Park Residences and a new boutique development in Beaufort Gardens, Knightsbridge, as well as progressing international projects in Dubai and Kuwait.

Throughout the upheaval of the past 12 months, Elicyon has never wavered from its ethos and vision to create beautiful spaces for its clients around the world

‘We understood very early on the importance of communication and taking an empathetic approach,’ says Charu. ‘Now we speak even more regularly with our clients and continue to work extremely closely with our suppliers, understanding that they too, especially smaller businesses, are facing hurdles. We support them as much as we can with an optimistic, flexible attitude.’

Elicyon has enjoyed witnessing clients demonstrate a renewed passion for being able to see and handle pieces and designs in person, whether to enjoy the feel of a piece of fabric, examine the veining in a slab of marble or appreciate the dappled light effect from a chandelier. ‘In a creative, tactile industry like ours, the past year has actually emphasised the importance of face-to-face contact,’ says Charu, ‘and we’ve seen a huge burst of appreciation from clients for being able to experience materials physically with their senses. As people have started paying much closer attention to their homes, it’s been exciting to see them take such an interest in all the beautiful materials and furnishings they can have around them.’

The studio has also been busy adapting its design schemes to cater for the way in which we live now, focusing on versatile layouts and designs that can function as both working-from-home environments and spaces in which families can come together.

This year, Elicyon is continuing to work across the super prime London market on landmark developments and private, heritage properties. Meanwhile, it is embarking on a number of exciting new schemes in Europe, focusing mainly on the South of France, and will be making its first foray into yacht interiors. Further afield, the studio is working on several ambitious, large- scale projects in the Middle East.

‘As a British brand working globally, we’re always inspired by our connection with the rest of the world,’ says Charu. ‘Throughout 2021 we will maintain our outward-looking approach, collaborating with clients across Europe, Asia and the United States. For me, Britishness symbolises not only the best of the best in terms of quality and creativity in design but also a love of adventure and celebrating other cultures.’