One of the most prestigious spa brands in the world, pivotal not only within the history of British skincare but also within the spa industry as a whole, ESPA focuses on delivering natural beauty and inner calm to treat mind and body through its innovative spa treatments and skincare products. 

ESPA was founded in 1993 and is now the chosen partner for 550 globally acclaimed spas worldwide.

The ‘E’ in ESPA stands for ‘education’, as ESPA also has a rigorous protocol of producing highly trained therapists whose aim is to deliver a personalised and professional experience to clients, understanding their client’s individual skincare and wellbeing needs.

ESPA has multiple, award-winning flagship spas, one of which is ESPA Life at Corinthia, London. It is an all-encompassing experience, compiling 17 stunning treatment rooms, a choice of two pools, saunas, studios, intimate private suites, and sleep pods, and spread over four opulent floors within the hotel. With an intricate and soothing lighting design, this palatial, architecturally inspiring spa is the epitome of elegance and innovative relaxation.

ESPA’s distinct vision has also been applied in a rural, pastoral setting in Britain, at Lucknam Park in Wiltshire. This breath-taking country estate features a magical ESPA mixology lounge and tailor-made consultations, among a number of other premium facilities. Including, both indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools, a saltwater plunge pool, experience showers, a relaxation room, and thermal cabins. All carefully designed to deliver a complete approach to wellness and mindfulness.It is therefore not surprising that Lucknam Park has garnered multiple awards for its intuitive approach to wellbeing.

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ESPA is a premium skincare brand, known for their natural formulations. Their products are between 98 per cent and 100 per cent natural and made using the highest quality ingredients in collaboration with aromatherapists, biochemists and wellbeing experts to deliver the most noticeable results. Their exclusive signature Tri-Active™ blend of plant actives, marine actives and essential oils are in all ESPA products, manufactured in ESPA’s own factory in the south of England.

ESPA state that their philosophy ensures every client enjoys a therapeutic journey to radiant skin and a restored sense of inner calm.

The brand has a rich heritage in body oils, which are a fundamental part of all body treatments in spas worldwide. They are blended using only the highest quality naturally grown ingredients, which are known for their purity, potency and therapeutic qualities. The blends have been formulated to work together in harmony to make them more powerful as combinations than they would be on their own. The signature aromas that ESPA are known for, are Soothing, Restorative, Fitness, Energising, Detoxifying and Resistance. These six beautiful formulations, all mood-led, formed part of the original ESPA product line up over 25 years ago, and still continue to grow in popularity.

All ESPA products work beneath the surface of the skin to protect its long-term health and beauty, a message that has resonated with generations of clients. As definitions of wellness become somewhat blurred in society’s collective consciousness, having a strong philosophy, as ESPA does, certainly cuts through the noise.


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