Fairfax & Favor
British footwear and accessories fusing classic country style with a modern city aesthetic

The dynamic young footwear and lifestyle brand Fairfax & Favor puts a string of successes during 2020 down to three inherently British characteristics: a sense of fun and adventure, respect for heritage, and philanthropy.

During lockdown, the team galvanised their online communications, keeping all staff in the loop with brand and wider industry developments.

The newly ignited team spirit paid off. Fairfax & Favor’s online sales rocketed by 400 per cent to a higher peak than at Christmas and next-day deliveries were maintained without missing a beat, despite social distancing reducing the numbers who could work in fulfilment. Judging by the reviews, this positive attitude was appreciated by locked-down customers desperate for reasons to be cheerful.

Fairfax & Favor also became the ninth highest fundraiser for NHS Charities Together when it donated over £105,000, derived from ten per cent of its online sales in April, and 100 per cent of profits from the May to July sales of its limited-edition navy tassels and baseball caps. The brand also maintained its ongoing partnership with Breast Cancer Now, which raised £125,175 in its fifth year, with an overall running total of £221,953.

The collections blur the lines between smart and casual, country and town, making Fairfax & Favor a go-to destination for anyone

The brand was launched in 2013 by childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, who financed 400 pairs of handcrafted leather boots out of their dwindling wage packets and marketed them through country fairs. Seven years on their high-quality products that stand the test of time have made them a sought-after British lifestyle brand with more than a £10m turnover and a loyal clientele who appreciate modern (as opposed to trendy) design.

As the label has grown, it has continued to deliver a spirited take on British culture and heritage, drawing inspiration from recognisable themes such as equestrianism, military tradition and explorer style. Now encompassing luggage and accessories, the collections blur the lines between smart and casual, country and town, making Fairfax & Favor a go-to destination for anyone – man or woman – who lives a modern, multifaceted life and wants to capture that British way of looking elegant without appearing to make an effort. 

The Autumn/Winter 20/21 collection introduced new footwear and reimagined old favourites. The Regina ankle boot is a fresh take on the original tassel boot design, with its signature scalloped edging and memory-foam insole for longevity and comfort. Another addition is the men’s Sterling boot – this design upgrades Fairfax & Favor’s popular desert chukka boot with a signature tracked sole and full grain leather exterior, taken from their most popular outdoor boot, the Trafalgar. This hybrid boot is practical, yet smart enough to take you from office to the pub.

Looking ahead to a significantly changing retail landscape, Fairfax & Favor will be engaging more with the ‘buy less, buy better’ model – a environmentally friendly mantra that fits its ethos of creating investment products, appealing to both cash-conscious and sustainably minded customers.

That said, prioritising timeless style over fleeting trends by no means implies that Fairfax & Favor is anti-fashion. It’s more a case of ensuring that the collections continue to evolve with the necessary agility to go on capturing customers’ dreams.