A perfect blend of tradition and flamboyance

With the men’s and women’s stores now both well established on London’s Pall Mall, Favourbrook has much to be proud of and optimistic about. Doubtless we are living in an era of unprecedented uncertainty but, if history is anything to go by, one thing we can be sure of is a collective and intrinsically British sense of resilience and bravado. In hard times, people often turn to dressing up as a happy distraction. It’s this need to evade gloom, coupled with a renewed interest in expressing our individuality, which is leading so many new customers to Favourbrook’s upbeat, colourful clothes.


Favourbrook creates superb outfits for formal occasions. Classic, well-made British clothing is more in vogue than ever but what distinguishes Favourbrook is its inspired embellishing touches that allow true self- expression. Favourbrook’s customers respect the elegant constraints of the formal British dress code while having the confidence to bend the rules. They appreciate a hint of exuberance and panache, which is where Favourbrook shines, with its sumptuous fabrics, semi-precious buttons, swirls of elaborate embroidery and jewel-bright linings. It’s the educated and assured eye for detail that makes Favourbrook’s style bold but faultlessly elegant.

People come to us when they want an outfit to marry in, party in or simply to celebrate in


As Favourbrook’s founder, Oliver Spencer says, ‘People come to us when they want an outfit to marry in, party in or simply to celebrate in. The rules for what to wear at work have become much more relaxed and I believe this has fuelled a desire to dress up more when going out. And when it comes to dressing up with an eccentric flourish, we Brits do it better than anyone else.’


The store itself is deliberately welcoming and exciting for clients. ‘We want our customers to walk into another world,’ says Spencer. ‘We offer great clothes with great service and it’s this combination of fun, beautiful clothing with a high level of care and attention that has customers returning time and time again.’


But it’s not just flamboyant or eccentric Brits who are flocking to the Favourbrook store. British style is admired and emulated around the world and today more than ever those individual touches that Favourbrook excels at are resonating globally. In fact, American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, ordered several waistcoats for her family to wear at this year’s Met Ball. No wonder Favourbrook feels excited about the year ahead.

Favourbrook prides itself on seeking opportunities to spend valuable time with its customers to understand their individual needs and fulfil their wishes. Julian Brown, menswear manager, remembers a customer so enamoured of a particular fabric that he ordered an entire outfit made from it – including the hat.


‘We simply didn’t have enough material so I had to break the news to him gently,’ says Brown, ‘but he wasn’t upset. He casually replied, “OK, I’ll have shorts instead of trousers.” I think this story says  a lot about our customers – they are definitely individuals, confident in themselves but never pompous. Perhaps you could say that they bear all the hallmarks of the true gentleman.’