Occasionwear that brings back the joy of dressing up

For a British brand that specialises in formalwear and occasionwear, 2020 was an especially challenging year. Founded by designer Oliver Spencer, London’s Favourbrook thrives on conviviality, social connection and the forging of new relationships, but the pandemic made light work of these. The delightfully extravagant art of dressing up became the duller practice of dressing down as an entire nation embraced a collective life in loungewear. Luckily, the merriment of socialising and the drama of dressing for an occasion are two of life’s greatest pleasures not easily quashed, and no brand is better placed than Favourbrook to put the joy into dressing up again.

Favourbrook has long been the choice of a discerningly stylish social set, looking to make the most of the British Season. Once again, the brand has joined forces with Royal Ascot as an Official Licensee, and will release its eagerly-anticipated new Ascot capsule collection in time for the 2021 racing festival in June.

Favourbrook has long been the choice of a discerningly stylish social set, looking to make the most of the British Season

With its flagship store on London’s Pall Mall and a waistcoat and accessories boutique in Piccadilly Arcade, Favourbrook prides itself not just on its locations but on its in-store experience. Its staff, some of whom have been with the brand for over 20 years, have decades of sartorial knowledge between them, enabling them to impart expert advice on morning dress and occasionwear.

Favourbrook’s menswear blends classicism with flamboyant English eccentricity, putting a sharp, contemporary spin on traditional formalwear. Its womenswear represents the culmination of an obsessive passion for fabrication, producing elegant and timeless investment pieces for women of all ages, from shantung silk cocktail dresses to intricately embroidered and embellished coats and jackets.

The one upside to 2020 was Favourbrook’s discovery of its customers’ appetite for online shopping. A slick new website now offers a more seamless online experience with improved sizing guides and product photography. Newsletters and journals are sent out each week to keep customers better informed about new products while entertaining them with styling advice and deeper dives into the heritage of some of the brand’s designs. It also launched The Register, a monthly online cultural trip around the internet, with all manner of digital discoveries to pique its subscribers’ collective interest.

If regulations permit, 2021 will be a busy year for weddings, placing Favourbrook in an enviable position as one of London’s eminent makers of luxury formalwear. With over 400 waistcoats and a variety of morning suits in extra fine wool and recycled cashmere, Favourbrook is the ultimate destination for would-be grooms looking to invest in something special. Undeterred by lockdown store closures, Favourbrook launched a personal shopping service in November, allowing face-to-face digital consultations with customers. This was so popular that the brand has now extended this service to in-store private shopping.

The brand takes great pride in the fact that the vast majority of its menswear and womenswear collections are made in Britain, many of them in London. As we start socialising again, Favourbrook is confident that there will be a bigger appetite than ever to create some theatrical entrances with its gorgeous clothes in 2021.