Two thousand and eighteen was a banner year for Foster & Son.

The Foster name has long been associated with the finest bespoke shoes, made in the workshop above the store on Jermyn Street, St James. The ready-to-wear collection has always been available through the store but now, for the first time in its 178-year history, Foster & Son has opened its own factory in Northampton. This is the first classic shoe factory to open in the home of British shoe-making for many years, and makes Foster & Son the only London bespoke shoemaker to have its own Northampton ready-to-wear factory. Having the ready-to-wear shoes made in-house means the brand will now be able to complement its bespoke offering with a superb range of English ready-to-wear and customised footwear of a higher calibre than ever before.

This new range will increasingly become available through high-quality retail outlets and online, as the brand’s respected heritage opens doors across the world – in the USA, Japan and other fast-growing Asian markets, where
its British style is highly appreciated.

Foster & Son is a shoe-making legend and has been instrumental in protecting Britain’s shoe-making heritage with the opening of a new factory.

‘For a privately owned firm such as ours, the essence of Britishness that is most widely appreciated across the world is a sense of relaxed and friendly professionalism, backed up by genuine craftsmanship,’ says Chairman, Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson. ‘British flair in design tends to be classic and understated but always rooted in its rich historic aesthetic, so our famous archive is an unending source of inspiration.’


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Foster & Son endeavours to put the integrity of its products and warm, engaging service before anything else. There are no lengths the brand will not go to meet a customer’s request. One customer had been a pilot in the US Air Force and was shot down during the second world war. His captors stole his hand-made English shoes so on his 90th birthday he decided to treat himself to a replacement pair. Foster & Son arranged to meet him in Chicago and discovered he’d flown his own jet there. The customer was so delighted with the service from Foster & Son that he ordered another pair of shoes two years later.

The opening of its new shoe factory makes Foster & Son the only London bespoke shoemaker to have its own ready-t0-wear factory in Northampton.

The company involves customers in the whole shoemaking process wherever possible, often well before the sale, to enable them make the right, informed choices. Helping to design and make their own product, is an unforgettable experience for many customers. Fosters’ skilled workers are making leather goods so customers can even help design their own suitcases, weekend bags or accessories. Foster & Son recently helped a young customer to craft a slim-line key wallet to fit his car fob for his new supercar. It’s all part of the brand’s philosophy of bringing craftsmanship directly to the customer.

The company also restore belts, wallets or leather family heirlooms and help customers coordinate accessories with its ready-to-wear and bespoke collection. Essentially, Foster & Son is about artist craftsmanship. The very best men’s shoes are made in England, and the brand’s aim is to continue delivering genuine quality that cannot be questioned.

Foster & Son 83 Jermyn Street London SW1Y 6JD +44 (0)20 7930 5385


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