Founded in 1735, the House of Garrard is the longest-serving jeweller in the world.

Its first royal commission – an ebony teapot handle for Frederick, Prince of Wales – came only a year after opening and, in 1843, Queen Victoria appointed Garrard as Crown Jeweller. Since then, the jewellery house has served each subsequent monarch, making Queen Mary’s consort crown, many iconic tiaras and the sapphire engagement ring now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. The flagship boutique, which was built especially for Garrard, is in the heart of London’s Mayfair. The brand also has a sister flagship home in Shanghai, along with a presence in many locations around the world, including Europe, America, Russia and the Middle East. 

Creative director Sara Prentice places storytelling at the heart of Garrard designs, believing that the inspiration behind each piece is as precious as the stone that brings it to life.

From bespoke tiaras and engagement rings to major sporting trophies for Royal Ascot, Prentice looks back at Garrard’s historic designs when creating new ones. The brand’s latest collection, Enchanted Palace, is inspired by the Great Exhibition of 1851, a celebration of innovation in manufacturing and design in the Victorian age. Prentice explains, ‘Enchanted Palace takes inspiration from an important moment in Garrard’s history and celebrates the fun and quirky side of design,so embraced by the Victorians. Each piece has a beautiful simplicity to its design, but is incredibly technical in its construction and, in this way,we have captured the spirit of the era perfectly.’ Alongside the new Enchanted Palace collection are well-known Garrard classics, which include Marguerite, a unique take on an iconic cluster, where sapphire, ruby and emerald take centre stage, surrounded by diamonds, and Evermore, characterised by a light and delicate halo of diamonds, echoing the shape of the centre stone, either as a ring, pendant or earrings.

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Other collection pieces include the innovative TwentyFour, the perfect statement for everyday modern living, and Entanglement, a powerful symbol of eternal love inspired by the infinite knot motif. The brand’s signature design, the Albemarle collection, is based on a tiara found in the House of Garrard’s archives and which is named after the prestigious address of the flagship boutique. The House of Garrard is world-renowned for its high jewellery pieces – exceptional one-off creations, including tiaras, headdresses and brooches.

As wearable as they are elegant, many of the high jewellery pieces are designed to be worn in multiple ways, each one a labour of love created in the London studio by a skilled in-house team.

In keeping with this heritage comes a new suite entitled Jewelled Vault, creations inspired by the Duchess of Edinburgh’s personal jewellery collection from 1874. The creations will evolve over time, with pieces featuring either a Royal Blue sapphire, a Pigeon Red ruby or a striking emerald from Columbia, surrounded by diamonds. Each one is individual in size, cut and setting so no piece can be replicated; every piece is truly one of a kind. Prentice says, ‘The joy of these creations is the harmonious blend between precious gemstones and Garrard’s aesthetic. The gemstones are striking in themselves but thoughtful design elevates them yet further.’