Having served the needs of gentlemen and members of the Royal Court for over 125 years, Trumper lays claim to the prestigious honour of the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria, not to mention five subsequent monarchs.

Like stepping back in time, the flagship store on Curzon Street has retained its quaint, 19th-century British interior, including the original, mahogany-panelled, private cubicles, the meticulously buffed glass display cases and a rare collection of historical barbershop prints.

In those days a decadent dandy would be given the option to purchase the ‘ownership rights’ of his bespoke fragrance, meaning that the scent remained exclusive to him for a period of ‘holding time’ (usually a couple of years). After this time, Trumper would bottle it for general release, often dubbing it by the name of its former patron. In fact, Astor, Marlborough and Wellington are all still available today.

Clearly times have changed but many of the finer, old English products and traditions remain in tact. Today’s distinguished, modern man can still luxuriate in a customary close shave – with hot towel and face massage – to keep his jawline in business-like condition. Furthermore, many original fragrances are also still available, offered in conjunction with a wide range of modern eau de toilettes and colognes in splash-style glass bottles with the classic, crown-shaped stoppers.

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Nowadays, Trumper’s most popular shaving requisites are its celebrated Skin Foods, available in Rose, West Indian Lime and Sandalwood. They also stock a prevailing selection of post-shaves, deodorants, traditional hair creams and English-style shampoos.

Everything can be finely boxed as a personalised selection or individually wrapped, and there’s even a small range of well-chosen cufflinks, ties, umbrellas, canes and leather goods. James Bond’s preference, according to Sir Ian Fleming, was the heady scent of Eucris; a sophisticated aroma, with rousing top notes of blackcurrant, cumin and coriander; a heart of jasmine and muguet, and base notes of sandalwood, musk and moss. Not for the mild at heart, this punchy cologne has been around since 1912 and remains one of its most sought-after fragrances today.

Our pick of the range would have to be Trumper’s swanky travel shaving set – a chrome-handled shaving brush and razor, in a distinctive, calf-leather case – the ultimate luxe grooming gift for the sophisticated jetsetter. Ultimately, the brand can be summed up in these immortal words, from Evelyn Waugh’s Officers and Gentlemen: ‘Please send – cigarettes, chocolates, golden syrup, cocoa, condensed milk, camel sleeping bag, Trumper’s Eucris, woolly slippers.’

Without a doubt, Trumper products fall into that special little category reserved for desert island lists. They are the small pleasures you simply cannot live without and the good news is – you’ll never have to.

GEO. F. TRUMPER 9 CURZON STREET, LONDON W1J 5HQ  +44 (0)20 7499 1850