Discreetly buying and collecting the finest gems in the world for over 30 years, Glenn Spiro has created jewellery masterpieces for the most discerning houses and knowledgeable collectors around the world.

The world’s most recognisable brands call him when they need one-off couture items. In his own atelier, only about 200 pieces a year leave the workshop and Glenn is one of only a handful of dealers who have access to the rarest and finest stones in the world.

Born and educated in London, Glenn trained as a master jeweller and was later appointed as a Senior Director of Christie’s and International Specialist of their Jewellery department. In 2001 Glenn set up his own workshop on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. A second workshop and head office in Geneva soon followed and, in recent years, the House of G opened in the heart of London’s Mayfair. A true innovator and master of metals, Glenn Spiro’s unique approach to combining unusual materials with precious stones produces breathtaking, cutting-edge designs.

‘It is, and always has been, about the stones,’ says Spiro.

Everything we create is made to complement and respond to these rare and exquisite gems. They are Mother Nature’s great work: we simply try to put them in the best settings.

The House of G is quite unlike any other jeweller. It operates like an old-school atelier, where the creative meets clients to discuss the pieces. A meeting with Glenn is always an education, his passion and expertise make it much more than just a sales appointment.


The form and aesthetic of his designs are always surprising. Never one to take the traditional route, Spiro delights in the unexpected, be it setting a single diamond on a vibrantly coloured blue or pink titanium band for a collection of engagement rings, or artfully setting pavé diamonds on the inside of the shank of an important sapphire ring.

Attention to detail is almost an obsession: Glenn delights in details such as setting diamonds under the centre stone of a ring for the owner’s secret enjoyment. These unexpected, utterly luxurious details make Glenn Spiro’s pieces wearable works of art.

As the master jeweller himself says:

We want to create jewellery that stops people in their tracks but, at the same time, pieces that are timeless in their aesthetic. We’ve never designed to anyone else’s brief. Yes, we do bespoke pieces for clients but if they ask for something we don’t like, we won’t make it. We want to create breathtaking pieces with intrinsic value and we have never strayed from this intention.

The House of G will never produce large collections. ‘People come to us for our one-of-a-kind jewels so, while our aim is to grow, we can only do so very steadily,’ says Spiro. ‘The gems we work with are of world-class quality and our team of craftsmen are unparalleled in their skills, so even though the demand is there for more, we can only create a certain number of pieces a year.’

And precious jewellery doesn’t come more exclusive than that.