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Exotic sensory journeys in a bottle

Close your eyes and prepare your mind and body for the warm caress of a golden sun in a clear blue sky, soft coral sand between your toes and the soft whisper of the ocean. Not, as it happens, a last-minute trip to the Seychelles, but a journey of the senses courtesy of Guava & Gold, whose bath and body range aims to capture the memory of far-flung tropical shores in a single bottle, ready to be revisited every day.


After a successful career as a barrister for over 25 years, Clare Price set out to fulfil a dream by launching Guava & Gold just over a year ago. Her goal was to create an elegant capsule collection of cruelty-free bath and body products which would provide customers with an everyday sanctuary. The whole range takes customers from mundane reality to the most exotic corners of the world, through the use of luxuriously scented blends of distinctive fruit and flowers, including delicious guava and cherimoya, fragrant pink magnolia, white floral facets of tuberose, sweet vanilla orchid and enchanting orange and plum blossom.


Guava & Gold is proud to be a British- born brand which has worked with a leading international fine fragrance house to create unique, exquisite perfumes and has then blended those with gorgeously scented natural oils and vibrant colours to build a sensory experience in a bottle. Its products encourage you to live in the present and enjoy the moment, a philosophy that its customers buy into with confidence, trust and belief.

Its packaging is fully recyclable – but the work does not stop there, with plans to move to bio-polymer bottles

Guava & Gold

With a strong commitment to the environment, Guava & Gold is focused on making its high-quality products with ethically sourced botanical ingredients, specially selected for their skincare properties. Sustainability is at the heart of Guava & Gold’s approach. Its packaging is fully recyclable, but the work does not stop there, with plans to move to bio-polymer bottles, made from sugar cane extract, and to incorporate water- free products into the collection so as to further limit its own impact on the environment.


Guava & Gold has conducted extensive research, trials and testing to ensure its customers receive a high-quality experience that will delight their senses. When they smell a fragrance and it transports them back to their favourite destination, Guava & Gold know it has got it right.


Keen to fill a gap in the market for a luxury holiday-inspired bath and body collection, Guava & Gold has already developed impressive relationships with well-respected names such as Ocado, The URBN Group and Wolf & Badger, who have given their full support to this innovative start-up business by stocking Guava & Gold across their platforms. The encouragement and belief of these retail partners have enhanced the brand’s success in its first year.


Moving forward, Guava & Gold will continue to build on the early promise it has shown and working towards fulfilling Clare’s aspirations for her brand. This will certainly be a brand to watch in 2020.