The trusted specialists in exceptional architectural, garden and ornamental stonework

As Haddonstone celebrates its 50th year in business, the company can look back on half a century of continuous growth, innovation and unrivalled expertise. From its earliest days in Bob Barrow’s Northamptonshire garage, Haddonstone has grown into an international business exporting its products across the world, while at the same time continuing to meet the individual needs of its valued clients – large and small, commercial and private – in Britain.

Haddonstone has been fortunate to have avoided the worse effects of Covid-19. Demand for its products has remained robust and by July 2020 the company was operating again at full capacity. It was able to reopen its beautiful Show Gardens in Northamptonshire shortly after the end of lockdown, attracting many visitors keen to seek inspiration from seeing the brand’s stunning designs in a natural setting. Lockdown witnessed a nationwide renaissance in enthusiasm for gardening, a trend that kindled great interest in Haddonstone’s Home and Garden range. The strenuous efforts made by the company to ensure the safety of people entering the Show Gardens were amply rewarded in visitor numbers.

At the same time Haddonstone experienced a significant rise in the number of clients ordering online through its newly launched website. Much market research, user testing and refinement of content went into its development to ensure the website offered clients a high-quality online experience. This painstaking approach has resulted in a three-fold increase in web-based orders since March 2020 – a trend that continued as the year progressed.

Haddonstone is also comparatively sheltered from the commercial impact of Brexit. Whilst the company exports its products worldwide, its most important markets are at home in the UK, the Channel Islands and in the USA. Moreover, the suppliers of its materials – stone, aggregates and resin – are based in Britain. The company is now focusing on private, residential clients and hoping to benefit from the trend towards extending and renovating their properties rather than moving. Haddonstone’s range of elegant façade stonework, including its porticos, can transform a property and greatly increase its value and appeal.

In the last year, the company has continued to be commissioned in prestigious, high-profile public projects. Haddonstone provided the cast-stone architectural elements for the new courtyard at the Royal School of Music in South Kensington. It has also supplied bespoke cast stonework to a variety of international projects, including the Anouska Hempel-designed Monsieur George Hotel & Spa in Paris and award-winning Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand.

Two of Haddonstone’s other important recent public commissions were the Cambridge Central Mosque, Europe’s first eco-mosque, and the Sri Krishna Haveli, the Hari Krishna temple at Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford. The company designed and supplied stonework for both projects.

Having survived recent turbulence relatively unscathed, Haddonstone is well placed to prosper in the coming year and beyond. As a family-owned and -run business with a loyal, experienced and skilled team, the next 50 years look promising for this greatly admired British brand.