Heirlooms Linens
Sumptuous, sustainable and socially minded linen made from the highest quality cotton

Heirlooms Linens is a family-run business, nestled in the Sussex countryside from where it manufactures quality bed, table and bathroom linens. Since 1984, Heirlooms has supplied top interior designers, superyacht builders, executive jet manufacturers, property developers and boutique hotels and is proud to have two Royal Warrants in recognition of its passion for excellence.

By collaborating with leading Italian weavers, Heirlooms ensures that it sources the very highest grades of cotton that are then spun and woven to create exceptional fabrics. Once the fabrics arrive in West Sussex, Heirlooms’ highly skilled cutters, machinists and embroiderers craft them into the signature products that their clients love.

As a manufacturer, Heirlooms knows first-hand that not all cotton is equal, but its fabrics are only ever of the very highest standards, as kind to the planet as to our sleep. When it comes to sourcing new fabrics, Heirlooms has created a beautiful new organic range that includes bed linens, towels and accessories, all produced and certified to the highest organic agricultural standards.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Heirlooms Linens is perceived to be one of the haute couture names of the linen industry

Sustainability, social and environmental responsibility have been at the core of the business for more than 12 years and will continue to be throughout 2021. Heirlooms is ever more determined to make a positive difference to the planet, having signed up to Planet Mark certification with The Eden Project. A Planet Mark indicates and ensures that the brand is actively involved in reducing its carbon footprint and helping to protect our fragile earth.

Personal health and well-being also continues to be priorities in 2021 as Heirlooms develops its fabric and product ranges. The brand motto is ‘Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury’, and to this end Heirlooms uses only the softest fabrics as bed linens to wrap its clients comfortingly for a good night’s sleep. The mark of Heirlooms linen is a client waking up feeling utterly refreshed.

Walking into Heirlooms’ HQ, near Goodwood, is to discover an Aladdin’s cave of sumptuousness. Lush jacquards and Pandora fabrics sparkle alongside eye-catching new designs and intricate embroideries in rainbow colours. A team of skilled machinists is on-site, ironing and stitching, and there is an evident sense of pride and excitement amongst the seamstresses as new designs take shape, even though members of the team are used to dealing with the extraordinary on a daily basis. This sense of creating something special, a secret for clients to discover, makes every day at Heirlooms feel like Christmas.

Heirlooms is also excited to be launching a brand new website in 2021 with an e-commerce platform to meet the requirements of its fast-growing private client base. Its mission remains to engage its clients and draw in new ones by creating evermore amazing collections. This is a brand that believes the love of beauty is taste and the creation of beauty is art. It’s perhaps no surprise that Heirlooms is perceived to be one of the haute couture names of the linen industry and now its new website will make its beautiful linens accessible to all across the globe, acting as a catwalk to parade its new designs.