mutual love of gems brought Jason and Sophia Hirsh together. Both were working for Asprey in New York and London, respectively, when they met in 2002. When Jason returned to London in 2004, they fell in love.

With a shared desire to grow Hirsh’s reputation for the finest handmade jewellery in London, they married in 2008 and immediately set about gem hunting and designing together.

Hirsh London was established by Anthony Hirsh (Jason’s father) in 1980. The brand started out making jewellery for international companies in its London atelier before opening the doors of its first boutique in 1986. It didn’t take long for the cognoscenti to take notice of the jeweller’s expertise in natural coloured diamonds and gemstones. Jewellery tended to be very plain at the time, and Hirsh’s bright and colourful window displays of sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, rubies and spinels, set the company apart from the others.

This technicolour trend, which gained Hirsh London a reputation both at home and abroad, continues today in the Grafton Street boutique, which boasts the most diverse collection of natural coloured gems in Great Britain, with over 300 completely unique pieces of jewellery and thousands of gemstones. These range from the rare, colour-changing Alexandrite, which changes from green to a purplish red, to the company’s latest acquisition, an incredible seven-carat blue spinel, which has the colour of the finest sapphire and a diamond-like sparkle.

Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to track down natural beauty, and the quest for special gemstones has
taken Hirsh all around the globe. As a gemologist, Jason is always looking for the most stunning natural coloured gemstones, personally selecting each and every gem Hirsh uses before creating the designs for each piece. He recently returned from a buying trip, where he discovered a tourmaline from a new mine in Nigeria, which produces the richest teal blue colour. The unusual stones are cut into amazing hexagonal shapes. ‘I am totally besotted by the colour and texture of these tourmalines,’ Jason says, ‘and I can’t wait to have the finished pieces
of jewellery ready to show our clients before Sophia tries to claim them for herself.’

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What’s more, Hirsh believes that gemstones and diamonds are perfect just the way they are, so avoid using chemical enhancements and irradiation.

While the gemstones and diamonds retain a timeless quality, the brand continues to innovate with modern jewellery technologies. Following on from the Suspense diamond collection, which featured the world’s first diamond earrings
with an ingenious invisible setting, and the eponymous Hirsh Celestial rings, with unique spinning movements, Hirsh has now created the Advantage flexible diamonds tennis bracelet, the first of its kind in Britain, with a unique patented titanium movement. ‘This is the bracelet of the future,’ says Sophia. ‘I can easily slip it on after my morning swim and no long struggle with a fiddly clasp. When you have a busy lifestyle, every minute counts.’

No matter what design or jewel takes your fancy, Jason and Sophia are determined to create something special for each customer. That’s why you will generally always find one of the owners on the boutique floor meeting with clients and guiding them through their designs. Hand-drawn sketches are then passed on to the company’s master craftsmen, who bring the custom designs, and precious stones, to life in Hirsh’s atelier.

It’s a journey that Jason and Sophia enjoy taking each time, knowing that these meaningful pieces of jewellery will be cherished for a lifetime and enjoyed for generations to come.

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