Holland & Holland
Bringing together the best in refinement, innovation and skill

Since 1835 Holland & Holland has been the pre-eminent gun-maker crafting the finest bespoke shotguns and rifles for clients. Proud holder of two Royal Warrants, Holland & Holland’s values of quality, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are distilled into every gun made. Such excellence has been further recognised by royalty across the globe.

These qualities shine through notably at the Holland & Holland shooting grounds where world-class tuition has been provided since 1932. Set within 60 acres of open countryside, the main attractions are the newly refurbished lodge, superb lessons and courses, the cigar lounge, the indoor rifle cinema, an impressive wine room, event rooms and, of course, the stunning grounds themselves. New additions include wildflower meadows and a cosy welcoming bothy to appreciate between stands. Whether you seek peace and quiet or a place to spend time with your family, the grounds at Ducks Hill Road, Northwood offer the perfect escape from the city without venturing outside London.

The shooting grounds cater to both game and sporting shots with a wide range of simulated game and clay pigeon targets too. A 100-yard outdoor rifle range provides full facilities to test, zero and practise rifle shooting in preparation for stalking. Holland & Holland proudly offers the only private, non-military indoor live-round rifle shooting facility in Britain, enabling rifle instruction with a moving target and live ammunition. As well as lessons, they offer gun-fittings and a range of courses to improve performance in the field.

Proud holder of two Royal Warrants, Holland & Holland’s values of quality, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are distilled into every gun made

Director of the shooting grounds, Nicolas Ollivier, takes great pride in providing an environment that caters for all tastes. Lockdown stimulated remarkable changes in hospitality at the grounds, with the restaurant becoming a main attraction of Northwood’s culinary offerings. Menus feature fresh seasonal produce; eating good food, sourced naturally and locally, are all integral to Holland & Holland’s mission of sustainability. ‘The quality you get from freshly picked produce is unparalleled,’ states head chef, Joshua Hunter, who believes that food seasonality and supporting British producers are essential factors in a sustainable food system.

Holland & Holland’s famous London Gun Room is on Bruton Street, located in the very heart of Mayfair. Helpful staff are as expert in this field as on the shooting range. The Gun Room furnishes a range of additional services from gun storage, servicing, repairs, renovations and valuations; its tailored gun-fitting service typically starts at the Mayfair Gun Room. The addition of an online accessories shop to the company has been a strong catalyst in extending the brand experience and strengthening client relationships. An extensive range of beautiful leather goods and other custom-made products is further proof that Holland & Holland is not only a phenomenal gun-maker but also applies its skills to crafting multiple luxurious and desirable items.

Last year undoubtedly presented challenges for many businesses, but Holland & Holland’s diversification places the brand in a strong and prominent position moving into 2021 and beyond. Although the company is steeped in almost 200 years of heritage, it consistently faces forward and into the future.