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Purveyor of authentic high-quality teas that celebrate their flavour of origin

A simple ritual, such as taking the time to infuse and drink a high-quality cup of tea, can become
a mindful and fulfilling indulgence. Having observed the cultural importance of the tea ceremony on his many trips to Asia, Ed Eisler founded JING in 2004 to encourage the world to enjoy tea at its best.


His mission was to enhance the drinking experience by putting great tea at the centre – leaves with character, natural purity, depth 
of flavour and seasonality, which express their origin and their maker. All JING teas are carefully picked, meticulously selected, expertly made by masters using traditional skills handed down over generations, then packed for optimum freshness.


Behind every JING tea is a single garden
and a close relationship with the people at
origin. By supporting skilled production and upholding quality, JING provides higher returns for its partner farmers and their communities, benefitting the supply chain and ensuring a good life for the tea garden workers and their families. ‘Traceability is a growing consumer requirement,’ says Eisler. ‘People want to know where their food comes from. JING’s direct relationships ensure that each tea can be traced back to its single garden of origin.’

Behind every JING tea is a single garden and a close relationship with the people at origin. JING provides higher returns for its partner farmers and their communities


In the company’s early years, Eisler forged relationships with leading chefs and high-end restaurants and hotels. Today, international tastemakers – from Per Se in New York to Arzak in San Sebastián, Amber in Hong Kong and The Berkeley in London – make JING their tea of choice. It is JING that is served at ‘the highest high tea in the world’ – the 828m Burj Khalifa in Dubai – and to first and business class passengers on Cathay Pacific – including teas with more ‘umami’ that maintain an authentic flavour at altitude.


Although JING has always been available online – resulting in a loyal global customer base – it is only now at the end of 2019 that the brand has, with much excitement, opened its first retail store. A double-fronted space in pedestrianised St Christopher’s Place in London showcases JING’s carefully selected single garden teas and aesthetic teaware in a contemporary environment that encourages exploration, learning and a real connection with the provenance of tea.

At the in-store tasting bar, trained JING experts demonstrate how to make the perfect cup of tea using the brand’s modern teaware designs that simplify the process. Immersive ‘Tea Flights’ take small groups on a 45-minute sensory journey of the people, places and artisan processes that make JING teas exceptional. ‘The opening of our first shop and tasting bar is a huge milestone for JING. It’s the next step in inspiring people to choose teas which express the unique character of their origin and tea maker,’ said Eisler at the opening.

Further retail developments are planned so that the definitive tea experience can be shared across Britain and hospitality partnerships are growing in parallel with consumer developments. With premium tea driving the growth in tea sales (around £13 billion out of a total global turnover of £33 billion), business is good – and tea drinking has never been more enjoyable.