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Johnson & White
Distinctive home fragrances evoking the joy of travel

Sisters Laura and Danielle launched Johnson & White just over a year ago. Inspired by their shared passion for fragrance, travel and design, they set out to create a range of deliciously evocative home fragrances.

All Johnson & White candles are hand poured into beautiful glass containers in Britain, using the highest quality mineral wax. But the distinctive fragrances are what really set this brand apart.

‘Aroma can be so powerful, sparking nostalgia and transporting the imagination, so we started with that power in mind,’ explains Danielle. ‘We decided to focus on interiors, creating a product that doesn’t only scent the air, but can be used almost like an ornament to complement the design and feel of a home. More importantly, though, we want our customers’ chosen scents to reflect their individuality or mood.’

We decided to focus on interiors, creating a product that doesn’t only scent the air, but can be used almost like an ornament to complement the design and feel of a home

Available in reed diffusers and candles with two or four eco cotton wicks, the collection captures the essence of four favourite destinations. London, for example, has top notes of bergamot, juniper and lemon, velvety heart accents of pink pepper, rock rose and jasmine, and woody base notes of moss and patchouli. This zesty and rich aromatic blend perfectly captures the sisters’ eclectic and intriguing home city.

Bali, meanwhile, is an uplifting lemongrass and lime fragrance balanced with lavender and eucalyptus and a base of woody spice and ginger, while New York is a rich mix of creamy vanilla, sandalwood and cashmere with floral notes of white tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Emblazoned on every Johnson & White product is a Celtic sisters’ knot. ‘We were so proud of our company’s vision and values woven from the beauty of sisterhood that we chose the Celtic sisters’ knot as our brand logo,’ says Laura. ‘Our support and allegiance to one another has created a sense of purpose for our business and lives as a whole.’

Johnson & White built up a strong following in its first year – then came Covid. ‘The pandemic left many of us feeling stuck and uninspired,’ says Laura. ‘Being avid travellers ourselves, we were really aware of the limitations of being confined to our homes during the lockdown. But though we couldn’t travel, we had our fragrances to transport us to the places we longed to visit. We felt we were delivering escapism to our customers’ doors at a time when it was most needed.’

Plans for this year include the introduction of room sprays and the launch of two new fragrances. The brand is also working with a growing number of interior designers.

‘Every country has had to unite to battle Covid and in Britain we’ve also had the uncertainty of Brexit,’ says Danielle. ‘But we’ve seen consumers actively and more frequently supporting local, British businesses in an effort to save and strengthen our economy. We have been so lucky with our new and existing, loyal customers. They’ve kept us very busy and focused and, we hope, they will continue to do so in 2021 and beyond.’