In a single year, Katharine Pooley will work on between 25 and 40 commissions across the globe, ranging from 300 to 100,000 sq/m. The brand prides itself on an unsurpassable service and an understanding of the ultimate balance between timeless luxury and intelligent design. Committed to tailored interior design and luxury home accessories, Katharine Pooley offers a highly skilled and personalised service for both residential and commercial clients. 

Since its inception 15 years ago, Katharine Pooley has grown from a British firm undertaking predominantly domestic projects to an internationally lauded brand and design studio encompassing architectural design, interior design, product design and property development.

The company is currently working on significant developments in the UK, US, Asia and the Middle East.

At the heart of Katharine Pooley’s exceptional capabilities and performance are the core values of building lasting relationships in every spectrum of its operations, being flexible and adaptable in the face of new opportunities and challenges, providing speed of response with calculated decision making, and most essentially, nurturing the talent of its dedicated employees.

While the company works on a global scale, a number of projects are based in Britain, including a 16th-century Scottish castle. It’s not every day a design studio is tasked with getting a canopied four-poster bed up a castle’s spiral staircase.

Then again, Katharine Pooley prides itself on its ability to think outside the box.

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Such tenacity is, Katharine believes, a peculiarly British trait.

‘Being British is about our ability to persevere and find solutions. I travel a lot for work, as do most of my team, and I am always pushing them to come up with new ideas and take inspiration from the world around them. Equally, there is so much talent in the design industry here – we love to champion suppliers who are making incredible products.’

Every design starts with a concept, conveyed to the client through imagery, sketches, materials and visualisations. These inspirations are then taken through to the schematic design stage, with more technical drawings, CGIs and rendered drawings. Further detail is added right up until installation to achieve a design of impeccable quality.

Katharine Pooley also encompasses a stand-alone boutique in London. For this, Katharine and the team work tirelessly to design and curate a range of products and collections of only the highest quality and design from all over the world.

The company’s design philosophy has been shaped by Katharine’s own sense of adventure. Not only has she climbed several of the world’s highest mountains, she has also driven a team of dogs on a sled to the North Pole and crossed the Sahara on horseback and her vision for Katharine Pooley is no less ambitious.

‘Our mission is 100 per cent commitment to tailored interior design and luxury home accessories that enrich interior spaces through an exceptionally skilled and personalised service,’ she says. ‘We provide more than just design. Our clients can expect a complete first-class service to match the most particular requests.’


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