Lawson Robb
Tailored interiors for residences, superyachts and special commissions

Creating beautiful interiors and exceptional spaces around the globe, Lawson Robb has a reputation for curated eclectic colour and art-infused designs for private commissions, super-prime developments and superyachts. Its exclusive project portfolio includes the prestigious Chelsea Barracks Penthouse as well as show apartments for renowned developers and private residences in Europe, USA and Middle East.

Lawson Robb was established in London in 2003 and today the team comprises talented individuals from a wide spectrum of nationalities and disciplines, each bringing a broad range of influences to their designs. Indeed, they take a bespoke approach to everything they do, not just in terms of furniture, but also in their approach to lighting, artworks and decorative accessories. Plays on heritage is teamed with contemporary; bold accents with neutrals; expressive shapes with organic textures. Each space has a one-of-a-kind identity.

‘We are always adapting and refining our processes, which has allowed us to remain focused and adaptable to our clients’ needs’

At Chelsea Barracks Lawson Robb was selected to design a show apartment and a penthouse with a stunning wraparound terrace atop the Nine Whistler Square building. The result was a contemporary-meets-Georgian aesthetic that mirrored the architecture of the building and that of the surrounding neighbourhood. Cabinets and floors are solid oak; marble, finished by Italian stone artisans, is used for the stairwell and the kitchen, and the bronze balustrades on the balcony are bespoke designs inspired by the botanical prints of textile designer William Morris.

The brand is equally renowned for its impressive portfolio of superyachts, recently working hand in hand with Extra Yachts to hone a design to align with a longstanding client’s ideals. Lawson Robb created a Penthouse feel with open plan living areas and a galley open to aft deck creating a very involved client experience. Key artworks from the owner’s collection were displayed within bespoke panelling & complimented by the whites/neutrals, blue hues and bespoke embellishments within the interior scheme.

Lawson Robb is currently working on the interiors of a revolutionary 60m superyacht, Phi. The concept was to explore the ideas through transition. From the scientific rationalisation of a chaotic cosmos, its creation of naturally occurring forms and those brought to life through technology, through to interpretations of tradition and the unearthing of the unexpected.

‘We are proud of being a London-based business that has flourished into a global brand and we will continue to strive and build on our portfolio of work within the superyacht and residential industry,’ says CEO Iain Johnson. ‘We are thought leaders within the design industry, producing concepts that are on trend and relevant. We are always adapting and refining our processes which has allowed us to remain focused and adaptable to our clients’ needs. This, alongside our commitment to creating unique resources and a bespoke approach to each project, means we continue to succeed and look forward to showcasing the projects in the pipeline for 2021.