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Combining hand craftsmanship and design technology to create beautiful carpets

Despite all the uncertainty thrown up by Brexit, 2019 has been a good year for Loomah. The company is small enough to adapt to its customers’ ever-evolving needs and continues to forge new relationships with clients across Britain and Europe. Loomah has also entered into a partnership with George Smith that has allowed the company to showcase its full design service in the US via George Smith’s New York and Los Angeles showrooms.


With over 30 years’ experience, Loomah is a leading designer and supplier of traditional and contemporary luxury carpets and rugs, specialising in bespoke commissions made to clients’ exact specifications.


This year Loomah assisted a client designing a runner for a winding staircase in a Grade II listed Mayfair property. Loomah meticulously planned how the border design would flow down each step, cutting full paper templates on site and hand drawing the border onto them, so that when it came to installation, the runner fell perfectly into place.


Following the stair runner’s success, the client commissioned two bespoke rugs for the house with a brief to create contemporary yet classic designs that reflected the building’s heritage, while complementing the space’s contemporary aesthetic. ‘The most rewarding projects are those when clients utilise our knowledge and expertise to express their individual style, while remaining sympathetic to the history of their space,’ says Loomah’s designer, Antonina Depczynski.

At Loomah, luxury is not about expense, but about creating something carefully designed and beautifully crafted


Many aspects of the design process are still done by hand and Depczynski often draws or paints elements of the design on paper before scanning them into the computer for further development. ‘When I draw on paper, my mind and hand are in direct conversation with each other, resulting is a more direct expression of my creative vision,’ she says. However, there are things that only a computer can achieve and computer aided design programmes allow Loomah to manipulate designs, exploring more possibilities with colour and scale, accelerating the design process. ‘My creative process has become a synthesis of the hand and the computer,’ Antonina says.


Loomah’s carpets are handmade to order, but production, like the design process, is facilitated by technology. The finished carpet design is blown up on the computer and then hand drawn at full size onto the carpets primary backing. Craftsmen then fill in colours denoted by number, utilising a tufting gun in the same way artists use a paintbrush.


‘We are essentially artists, but carpet is our medium,’ says Andrew Cotgrove, Managing Director. ‘At Loomah luxury is not about expense, but about creating something carefully designed and beautifully crafted. British luxury brands have a global reputation for superb quality. However, in today’s uncertain economic climate, it is more important than ever to ensure customers understand the skill and craftsmanship that go into the manufacture and design process. I strongly believe that if we stay true to our company philosophy in going the extra mile to ensure the end product is the ultimate in design, elegance and luxury, Loomah will continue to flourish and grow internationally.’