Louise Bradley

Louise Bradley

Interior design with balance and flair

Approaching the 30th anniversary of a business would be as good a moment as any to reflect on its achievements. ‘I’m a firm believer,’ says Louise Bradley, ‘in honouring the journey one undertakes, not just the destination.’


The founder of the eponymous architecture, interiors and product design studio, headquartered at an 8,000 sq/ft flagship showroom in Knightsbridge, is understandably celebrating. Led by her own natural flair, love of detail and infectious passion, she has established a thriving, internationally well-regarded practice.


Bradley’s team of interior architects, interior designers and product designers create luxurious homes for an impressively diverse portfolio of private clients across the globe, offering a highly personalised service. The 360-degree approach is to create tranquil, comfortable and harmonious spaces, effortlessly tasteful and respectful of the architecture while introducing classic contemporary elements, custom-made furniture and accessories, unique finishes and state-of-the-art technology.

The 360-degree approach is to create tranquil, comfortable and harmonious spaces, effortlessly tasteful and respectful of the architecture

Louise Bradley

‘We have experienced challenges but never postponed any business decisions because of a changing political or economic climate,’ reflects Bradley. ‘We have maintained steady growth in Britain and, with an increasing international appeal, among our clients worldwide. This good fortune has certainly been fuelled by focusing on shaping the brand, with committed and talented teams across our design studio and retail showrooms.’ All businesses, she says, go through cycles. It’s up to the business to use the challenges as a catalyst for positive change: as a learning experience that facilitates the opportunity to do things better.


2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year, with designs coming to fruition and new projects on the slate which include new-build luxury apartments and villas in Dubai, a family country estate on the Channel Islands, two villas in Kuwait, two Grade I-listed houses in Regent’s Park, a townhouse in Knightsbridge and various London apartments. The business is also launching new furniture collections, and working on several collaborations with British brands internationally.


‘We constantly evolve, driven by our creativity, while responding to changing client demands across the globe; it’s maintaining the perfect balance between the two that will be our strong focus for the year ahead,’ says Bradley.

Louise Bradley’s clients, whether British or international, love Britain for its heritage of beautiful architecture and diverse landscapes. As a result, she looks to work with the many expert British artisans and craftspeople in their fields – both new and established talent. ‘Being a British brand means being collaborative and open-minded, bringing together various traditions and influences in a typically British aesthetic, investing our designs with quintessentially English quirks and characteristics that add a certain flair.’

Despite the success, Louise remains a quiet force, nurturing young design talent, acting as a beacon of true interior design mastery. This is reflected in her longstanding client relationships. ‘We’re embedded in the lives of generations of families. We’ve worked with a number of them since my first years in the business, and have seen their children grow up. We’re regularly invited to design and redesign their homes as their lifestyles change. It’s heart-warming to be in that position.’

Louise Bradley