If contemporary art should be exciting, no gallery is more so right now than Maddox, one of the fastest growing art brands in the world, with four locations in London and new spaces in Los Angeles and Gstaad.

The formula behind Maddox is similar to that which produces truly great art. Which is, to rip up the established norms and think in different ways. To question the existing art establishment and offer new perspectives on the works of living artists.

Maddox eschews what might be expected of a prestigious art brand, welcoming a new audience of fans potentially alienated by the traditional art world.

The gallery first sprang to international attention in 2016, when they exhibited a nude painting of Donald Trump, called ‘Make America Great Again’. The work, by 24-year-old artist Illma Gore, was so provocative that it was banned from being exhibited in the USA. Although Facebook censored it, it went viral nevertheless, provoking political, social and creative debate around the world. People flocked to see the newly opened British gallery that dared to exhibit one of the most controversial images of the moment.

Since then, Maddox has consistently been the talk of the town. This year they presented a major exhibition and fundraising initiative of the works of The Connor Brothers, who challenge the line between truth and fiction, in association with male suicide-prevention charity CALM and Professor Green. Maddox has also supported other philanthropic endeavours and, with renowned artists such as David Yarrow, Dan Baldwin, Mr Brainwash and RETNA, has helped raise
over £4m for charitable causes.

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In September, Maddox put on a major exhibition in London dedicated to Richard Hambleton, the ‘Godfather of street art’, the first since his death in October 2017. They have also staged brand collaborations with David Yarrow and Cara Delevingne for Tag Heuer, and Bradley Theodore for Puma. Maddox displays work in a range of mediums, from photography to painting. They select artists not only for the quality of their work, but also for their tireless dedication to their art.

The gallery represents some of the brightest future talents of today, such as David Yarrow, Bradley Theodore, Dan Baldwin, The Connor Brothers, RETNA, Danny Minnick, Igor Dobrowolski and Mr Brainwash to name a few and showcases artwork from a spectacular roster of British artists including Banksy, Mark Evans, Harland Miller, Marc Quinn, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Russell Young and Grayson Perry. Works by these artists featured in the debut exhibition at the brand new L.A. Maddox Gallery, called ‘Best of British’.

Maddox likes to display works from rising home-grown stars alongside more established British artists.

By doing so, Maddox hopes to push the conversation around art forward. This drive to shake up the art world for the better comes with a sense of anarchy that feels uniquely British. They are an outsider smashing down the gates of a long-closed world. This commitment to innovation is what helps make Maddox such an eye-catching brand in London and around the world.


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