When it comes to luxury interiors – be them for sparkling new city developments, yachts, private jets and even cars – Martin Kemp Design Limited (MKD) is the studio that high-end clients go to for something special.

Founded in February 2012 by Martin Kemp, former creative director of renowned Candy & Candy, the design company responsible for the iconic One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, the studio is highly creative, producing some of the world’s finest design solutions. Focus is largely within the super-prime residential market but also embraces peripheral fields such as high-end retail, office and restaurant design.

Recent projects include a private residence at Monaco’s Hermitage hotel, the 77 Mayfair residential development, which set new price records per square metre, private apartments at One57 in New York, Clarges Piccadilly, Saint Tropez Polo Club and a sublime private jet.

Martin Kemp’s background is respected and the company is hence known as a luxury brand attracting individuals accustomed to luxury service or able to afford an aspirational lifestyle.

‘Working on the most expensive properties in the world is our forte,’ says Martin, who dips in and out of the world of the super-rich with every commission. While the studio has no fixed design aesthetic, clients choose the team at Martin Kemp Design for their ability to embrace any chosen style, be it minimalist or highly decorative, classic or futuristic. Clients expect an extremely high level of sophistication and finish and the studio delivers this every time.

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While Martin Kemp Design is in demand from the world’s elite, the company prides itself on working without an ego. Martin Kemp himself is charming and likes to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground, even as he works on some of the world’s most expensive properties. ‘Clients soon realise I’m not a diva,’ he says. ‘Some interior designers rock up in Range Rovers. I get the bus or walk to work.’

The studio strives to maintain an approachable personality and, as a business, its philosophy is always to be respectful, polite, flexible and accommodating, with conviction in the design solutions it presents. And at the heart of the business is a strong sense of integrity.

Whether designing the architectural or interior design elements, Martin Kemp Design approaches every facet of the design process with the same rigour and eye for detail, working alongside the best local and international craftsmen to create stunning, unique homes. Their work incorporates pieces for the most discerning clients that marry the creativity of the design team with the quality of the best manufacturers.

Martin Kemp Design is revered as one of the leaders of style and originality, setting out to constantly redefine the perceptions of its business and any perceived ‘house style’. The company is, therefore, never stagnant. Its bespoke solutions can range from understated country elegance to dynamic city chic, showcasing the very best in creativity with a diverse range of styling blended seamlessly into every design. Such original thinking is further enhanced by intricate attention to detail, married with fine craftsmanship sourced both locally within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Martin Kemp Design is a liberal, modern thinking, easy-going studio working as a family that enjoys the creative process at every stage. Inspired by unconventional thinking, the studio challenges perceptions of how things should be seen, puts a twist into things – often discreet, sometimes bold – creating distinctive and memorable homes.



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