Martin Kemp
Featured in Great British Brands 2020

Martin Kemp Design

The super-prime residential market’s favourite designer

London’s super-prime residential property market demands the best. It offers great rewards to the talented and the industrious but only the best flourish. In this competitive world, Martin Kemp Design has forged an enviable reputation for the high standard of its design and craftsmanship, attracting a glittering
but discreet clientele. Founded eight years ago, Martin Kemp Design has continued to grow and is now a leading luxury residential brand, renowned for its timeless, elegant solutions.


The consultancy strives constantly to develop its practical and aesthetic capabilities. This is a challenge but an enjoyable one. Travelling and absorbing culture are, of course, important, although for Martin, original thought, a creative mind and an inquisitive eye are also vital. The consultancy’s clients continue to propose stimulating new project briefs, set in inspiring locations and framed by architecture that guides and informs the creative process. There is every reason to hope that 2020 will be a year of opportunity.

Martin is attracted to clients who share his refined outlook on life and they in turn appreciate his down-to-earth charm

Martin Kemp

This is an outstanding achievement for a simple Welsh boy, who grew up shy and retiring, in awe of the world around him.
A humble man, imbued with a sense of respect and dignity from childhood, for Martin wealth is irrelevant when it comes to character. He is attracted to clients who share his refined outlook on life and they in turn appreciate his sincerity and down-to-earth charm as well as his exquisite design skills. The close relationship Martin and his team forms with his clients is crucial as a substantial home typically takes three years to complete and the design process can take up to five years, as was the case with Clarges Mayfair, the super-prime development recently completed on London’s Piccadilly.


We live in turbulent times, but there remains much for British brands to celebrate. Martin believes that Britain retains a strong identity on the world stage and remains respected as a centre of culture and design. ‘People flock to these shores to enjoy our history, our way of
life, to admire our fine buildings and our magnificent landscapes. To be born into this heritage is in itself something to be proud of; to create a business within it and extend its services globally is a privilege.’

Martin Kemp Design has been approached to develop a range of products for the home and will gradually be bringing these to market. Some items will be limited edition and priced accordingly; others will be more affordable and, it is hoped, become widely used. This will provide the business with a ‘soft’ area of growth, promoting and extending the Martin Kemp Design brand.

One event last year summed up the importance the consultancy attaches to its relationship with its clients. To bring a scheme to life, Martin Kemp Design laid on a surprise picnic at a client’s estate: T-shirts and shorts were the order of the day, with rugs, porcelain and
a delicious lunch. The picnic took place on the very spot where the family dining room would eventually be, thereby vividly illustrating the vista that the room would one day enjoy.

Martin Kemp