Founded almost seven years ago, Martin Kemp Design continues to grow and evolve into a leading luxury residential brand. Working within the super-prime residential market, the company has become associated with the finest level of design and craftsmanship and has attracted a glittering but discreet clientele, who seek nothing but the best. 

Quite an achievement from a simple Welsh boy, who grew up shy and retiring, in awe of the world around him. A humble man, imbued with a sense of respect and dignity from childhood, Martin’s attitude towards wealth is that it is irrelevant when it comes to judging character – though of course a certain amount is necessary before picking up the telephone to Martin Kemp Design. Martin is more attracted to clients who share his refined outlook on life and in turn they appreciate his sincerity and down-to-earth charm as well as his design skills. The relationship Martin forms with his clients is crucial as a substantial home typically takes three years to complete and a journey of design can take up to five years, as was the case with Clarges Mayfair, the super-prime development recently completed on London’s Piccadilly.

Almost everything on a MKD project is custom-made to suit the client and tailored exactly to incorporate details many would consider fantasy or whimsy.

The team has been exposed to many extraordinary requirements so works with the world’s finest craftsmen to bring such dreams to life. When it comes to furniture, MKD creates the future heirlooms to be talked about for generations to come. The skills of many trades are kept alive thanks to these commissions from silk weaving, marquetry and hand-embroidered linens to cabinetry,
bronze casting and digital technology.

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The studio has no fixed design style, preferring to establish with the client the best route that will suit the building, client’s taste – feminine floral or masculine dynamic – and other factors such as historical sensitivity. The team is renowned for its timeless, elegant solutions, regardless of the route adopted.

MKD is as happy delivering elegant traditional classicism as it is delivering a startling and dynamic result and is willing always to flex and embrace all periods and aspects of design.

The team of 24 is based in London’s Victoria and is currently working on around 15 projects, including a substantial private home on The Mall, a spectacular apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park, a chalet in the Alps, two extraordinary houses in Beijing, an exclusive private development in Monaco, a Global plane and a 70m Benetti super-yacht. The studio is an invitingly comfortable and stylish place to work and the team has largely been with the company from the start, which |is a credit to Martin, who likes to ensure staff are happy and enjoy a ‘family’ atmosphere.

Clients appreciate the business’s stability as well as its charm and many bring repeat business and recommend the studio to others, reflecting on Martin’s success at creating a warm and memorable experience.