Martin Moore has been designing and building beautiful kitchens for more than four decades, creating classic English furniture for traditional
and contemporary homes since 1975.

Forty years ago, kitchens tended to be either modern German or Italian in style. But having just bought a Victorian house in need of renovation, Martin Moore and his wife, Barbara, wanted a kitchen that would complement its period surroundings. So Martin, a design engineer, set to work designing and making furniture that would suit both their home and their family life.The Moores subsequently turned their passion into a business and, today, the company has seven showrooms across Britain, undertaking commissions for kitchens and also for projects throughout the home, for private and trade clients, in Britain and internationally.

Simply put, a Martin Moore kitchen is a contemporary classic, beautifully constructed from the best materials and transcending fads and fashions.

The company understands that no two families are the same, so no two kitchens should be either: every project is a bespoke solution and while design themes are grouped into collections, they are intended to be inspirational rather than prescriptive.As you would expect, Martin Moore’s designs are rooted in the forms and conventions of English furniture. Their proportions, drawn from the classical order, can be seen in Georgian, Victorian and modern architecture. In other words, they suit British houses.Inspired by architects and craftsmen of the 1930s, whose art deco designs featured clean, geometric lines and decorative materials shaped by exceptional craft skills, the recently launched New Deco Kitchen takes ‘classic contemporary’ into a different realm. It also marks an important milestone in the company’s journey as it’s the first kitchen to be wholly designed by Richard Moore, the second generation to work in the family business.

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Though inspired by 20th-century design, Richard’s New Deco Kitchen is very much a kitchen for the 21st century, incorporating ‘floating’ freestanding pieces and clever shadow lines in all the cabinetry. Modern framing replaces traditional cornices and doors are either flush or simply framed without beading, while feature materials, including marble, plain and decorative limestone, porcelain, metallics and veneered timbers, are used for cladding and inset panels.

A Martin Moore kitchen isn’t only English in appearance and spirit: everything is custom-built in the company’s Yorkshire workshops; it also has its own stone company and mixes its own paints.

Not only does this ensure a genuinely English product, but it means kitchens can be installed astonishingly quickly, with most finished and painted within three weeks.Naturally, the need for immaculate design and exemplary craft skills, combined with excellent service, doesn’t stop at the kitchen door and Martin Moore soon found itself turning its attention to other rooms in the house. From perfectly appointed bedrooms and bathrooms to beautifully fitted-out dressing rooms, home cinemas and home offices: there’s a lot more to Martin Moore than dream kitchens.

MARTIN MOORE  176 WESTBOURNE GROVE, LONDON, W11 2RW  +44 (0)1619 282643


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