McCarron & Co was established in 2009 by Andy McCarron and six colleagues with a wealth of experience and a burning ambition.

Having worked together for more than 20 years, they set up McCarron & Co to fuse traditional design and techniques, such as veneering and marquetry, with a contemporary aesthetic, setting them apart from any other furniture maker in this market.

They were convinced that they could make furniture better, so by breaking down every minuscule process, not just of the craft but
of the business as a whole, they put it back together again in a form that not only looks beautiful but works just as beautifully too. This restless desire to find new materials, try new techniques and create future classics continues to drive McCarron & Co. This has created an ethos that embraces change and evolution built on a strong foundation of traditional values. By remaining agile this has ensured that its design and service are second to none, and that its furniture is in high demand from interior designers and architects as well as clients throughout Britain and Europe.

Its first showroom and workshop opened in Bromham, Wiltshire in 2010. The second showroom opened in Chelsea four years ago and last year another opened in Notting Hill – it has certainly been an exciting time for the young company.

Every McCarron & Co product is custom-made at its workshops in Wiltshire. The company places a high value on the traditional skills of its designers, carpenters and cabinet makers but makes full use of technology wherever it can enhance or improve on the human eye and hand. So, it has a five-axis CNC machine, one of only a handful in the country and uses sophisticated CAD programmes. But you’ll also find hand-saws, planes and chisels in the workshop – and a lot of sawdust! When a client has witnessed at first-hand how much passion, precision and thoughtful craftsmanship is involved, they appreciate every last detail that little bit more.

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As McCarron & Co has control of all of the production aspects of its clients’ projects it enables the company to deliver the exceptionally high level of service that they expect. There is a very big demand for unique furniture, which is what McCarron & Co offers, and clients can add their own accent, from a metal, leather or fabric, which can make all the difference when creating a personalised piece of furniture.

As designers and makers of bespoke furniture McCarron & Co has a real thirst to innovate and views every project, client and architectural setting as a fresh start. Combining inquisitive minds with a wealth of experience it is constantly refining both aesthetics and ergonomics by exploring new materials and techniques. The company enjoys designing and fitting individual rooms, and loves creating one-off items of furniture. And a whole house assignment makes for a singularly satisfying project, which may encompass a wine room, library, dressing rooms and kitchens.

Since 2009, McCarron & Co has made bespoke furniture for every room in the home – each individual piece conceived with imagination, designed with enthusiasm and built with dedication.

McCARRON & CO  84 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HR +44 (0)20 7584 5736


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