In 1973 Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis founded Molton Brown on London’s fashionable South Molton Street. Ever since, London’s diversity and progressive attitude have rubbed off on the brand and given it a distinctive edge.

Over the decades Molton Brown has built up a reputation as London’s bath, body and beauty connoisseurs, known for its bright colours and bold fragrances. Its eaux de toilette, shower gels, body lotions, candles and haircare products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity. The brand is proud of its Mayfair roots and heritage, and also honoured to hold a Royal Warrant for the supply of toiletries to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Molton Brown has always been about the sensorial rather than the functional, from its use of fragrance to its tactile packaging.

From the start, the founders rejected chemical-based formulasin favour of natural organic bases with botanicals at the centre. Way ahead of their time, Caroline and Michael made the first Molton Brown products by hand, using the best ingredients and developing them with an in-house trichologist on the premises of the South Molton Street salon. The brand has remained true to its founders’ philosophy of pioneering sensorial experiences with products made in England. However, it will go all over the globe in search of the rarest and finest ingredients to give their fragrances their potency, whether it’s white truffle from Alba, rhubarb from the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle or rose absolute from Lombardia.

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A global reputation for quality, expertise and master perfumery is well deserved. Molton Brown has forged long-standing partnerships with some of its master perfumers, like Jacques Chabert, who has worked with the brand for 24 years and created more fragrances than any other. Black Peppercorn is his most popular example and one of the brand’s most iconic collections. Now Jacques’ daughters, Carla and Elsa, are working in partnership with them too.

Molton Brown gives its master perfumers total creative freedom when developing its fragrances. True to its roots, the brand aims never to conform or appeal to the masses but to create something very special and out of the ordinary for its customers.

Molton Brown’s customers are certainly no wallflowers – they are confident shoppers in search of a signature scent to make them stand out from the crowd. They are experimental, unconventional, open-minded, forward-thinking early adopters, and the brand continues to explore new fragrances and products with which to delight and surprise them. 

The founders’ guiding principle was to enable people to express themselves without having to conform to the dominant trends and, today, Molton Brown’s mission is to keep on challenging the norm. They continue to maintain a pioneering and unconventional mind-set that they believe sets them apart and informs everything they do. Molton Brown’s products will continue to be chosen by independent individuals who wish to make a statement and express themselves.

MOLTON BROWN  227 REGENT STREET, LONDON, W1B 2EF  +44 (0)80 8178 1188


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