Established by British Olympic sailor Keith Musto in 1964, Musto creates technical clothing, footwear and accessories for use in some of the world’s most extreme conditions. 

Musto’s talented design and development team is driven by innovation and an ardent desire to go beyond the expected. In the 1990s, this disruptive ethos resulted in a pioneering drysuit, which extended survival times in the world’s coldest waters from 15 minutes to two hours. Today, this life-saving design ensures survival times of up to three hours in waters as cold as 5°C.

It is precisely this level of premium fabrication and precision-engineering, as well as a profound understanding of the conditions for which it is designing, that makes Musto the market-leading British brand it is today.

And, having proven its expertise in hostile conditions, the company has applied its visionary skill to the country and lifestyle market, developing a number of multi-purpose and multi-terrain technical ranges that are as desirable as they are functional. All Musto clothing benefits from the same exacting standards and high-quality construction, ensuring that every country lifestyle enthusiast has the brand’s definitive ‘inside edge’ which maintains comfort on the inside translates to improved performance on the outside, be it in the saddle, on the riverbank or on a shoot.

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For example, Musto has just introduced its striking and functional machine washable jacket. Melded with high-quality GORE-TEX® liners, this jacket delivers unprecedented weather protection in a traditional aesthetic. We all know how worn tweed can look over time, but the premium Lovat Scottish Mill tweed used in this design has undergone a rare plasticisation process that preserves the integrity of the thread, so the jacket looks newer for longer. 

The new Dersingham jacket boasts an equally lustrous construction. Made from extremely durable oiled twill, the jacket’s distinctively sophisticated style has been offset by a smart polysuede-lined high collar.

It isn’t just clothing that benefits from Musto’s constant drive to innovate. To provide a rounded all-weather lifestyle solution with impeccable style, the brand has introduced new footwear into its autumn/winter collection. Working with world-class leather brand Pittards®, Musto is offering a range of fine leather boots with a weatherproof GORE-TEX® membrane: the ideal mix of luxury and functionality. Driving Musto’s innovative ethos is the knowledge that when you’re protected on the inside, you’re better able to perform on the outside. Protection means safeguarding a wearer against weather but it also means a greater level of ergonomics and an understanding of the interactions between the wearer and the elements. Anatomical fits not only provide the freedom needed for enhanced comfort and performance, they also ensure the wearer is supported against the physical pressures of the environment.



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