Naim Audio
Pure, authentic, soul-stirring sound, from the comfort of your home or car

In the 48 years since founder Julian Vereker started making exceptional music systems in Salisbury, Naim Audio has evolved and thrived. Today, despite numerous developments and changes, the company remains true to Julian’s original driving mission: to deliver music with sound so pure and authentic that it could be live.

This continuity of purpose, together with the brand’s obsessive attention to detail and built- to-last ethos, has put Naim in a strong position to meet today’s extraordinary new challenges. During 2020’s difficult times, Naim’s dedicated, resilient audio experts adapted swiftly to new ways of working. After a very brief production shutdown to adapt and equip the company’s Salisbury workshops with the necessary virus-protection measures for its staff, Naim lovingly continued to craft products for its growing worldwide audience.

Naim works with a global network of specialist retailers to help customers find their perfect Naim Audio product. Service and support is provided at every stage, including Covid-safe product demonstrations, home deliveries and installations.

In a world in which we are all necessarily spending far more time at home, the quality of home audio products has never been more important. Whether it’s mood music seamlessly streaming into every room, a relaxing track for the bedroom, inspiring music to work to, motivating music to work out to, or your all-time favourite album in the rare luxury of a dedicated listening space, there is a hand-crafted Naim waiting to enhance and bring joy to the experience.

Revolutionising TV sound is another priority. Puny TV speakers with thin, tinny sound can be relegated to history with the HDMI ARC connectivity of the Naim Mu-so and Uniti ranges. This connectivity comprises a top-quality music system that transforms the experience of watching television with outstanding, good-as-live sound that will add clarity, drama and vividness to whatever you’re watching.

Naim continues to attract and engage new customers and inspire existing ones by collaborating with fellow Great British brands, which is also Naim’s way of expanding its horizons and celebrating shared values. The Naim for Bentley in-car audio system is considered the best in class and in 2020 Naim’s long-term partnership with Bentley was further strengthened by the launch of the Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition. This wireless speaker is now part of the exclusive Bentley Collection and is a delight to both eyes and ears. It skilfully combines Bentley’s styling cues and colour accents with award-winning audio performance from Naim, exemplifying both companies’ pride in their heritage, while also embracing the opportunities offered by cutting-edge technology. The Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition defines a new benchmark in premium performance and customer experience.

Naim greets 2021 optimistically with a peerless product range and exciting innovations to reveal later in the year. In tandem, the company’s Naim Records label will continue to uplift and entertain, with new releases from an eclectic roster of British-based artists, including Fable, an unmissable, newly signed talent. Soul-stirring music lies at the centre of Naim Audio’s heart and purpose, and the company is confident that anyone who experiences the difference will become a devoted convert.