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It is undoubtedly a challenging time for any British business – but then so was 1973, when Naim Audio was founded in Salisbury: there were widespread strikes and an energy crisis that saw the three-day week imposed. However dark the days, people’s love for music never dims and Naim is here to make favourite tracks sound incredible on the best British hi-fi products available, at home, in your car and even on the open seas – Naim being the official audio partner of both Bentley Motors and Princess Yachts.


Naim is on a continuing mission to show how you can hear more from your music, making it a more authentic experience and allowing the emotion to shine through. This message is proving ever more popular around the world as consumers chase higher-quality experiences, resulting in Naim enjoying its best year for sales in its 46-year history.


It is also a time for celebrating as Naim has won global awards for a range of its products, including the stunning new Mu-so 2nd Generation family. Experts agree that these are the premium wireless speakers that music deserves, offering all the ease of use and rich features expected from a modern music system combined with 46 years of British hi-fi excellence.

However dark the days, people’s love for music never dims and Naim is here to make favourite tracks sound incredible on the best British hi-fi products available



Even Naim’s baby speaker – the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation – shares the same musical heart as its £20,000 flagship music player, the ND555. That ‘heart’ is a state- of-the-art music-streaming platform, which took 25 engineers in Salisbury three years to perfect – British innovation at its finest.


Naim is also honoured to have won the Queen’s Award for both Export and Innovation. It will sell products in 50+ countries in 2020, with music systems on sale in locations as diverse as John Lewis in Britain to luxury boutiques in France and destination retail in Gangnam, Korea.


More exceptional Naim products are set for release, as it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible – applying an obsessive attention to detail to develop audio solutions that take customers ever closer to an amazing musical experience.

In a world where consumer electronics products typically seem designed to be replaced every year, Naim takes a radically different ‘built to last’ approach and sees a Naim Audio product as an investment for many years of extraordinary musical experiences, with the service to match. It can still repair almost every product ever made in its service and restoration department in Salisbury, where its skilled technicians have the experience to breathe life into classic Naim Audio equipment.

It regularly restores some of the first hi-fi products it made, dating right back to the 1970s, ready to provide decades more musical enjoyment. Last year saw the arrival in the service department of a 21-year-old amplifier which was still providing its owner great musical enjoyment – so much so that the volume knob had become worn out! With no spare parts for this classic model left, an enterprising engineer designed and produced a near-identical replacement, which was then optimised, fitted and sent back to its happy home.